$92 Million Dollar FEMA Contract Hires Federal Contractors for NYC Effort

Nov 21, 2012 11:44:12 AM / by USFCR

$92 Million Dollar FEMA Contract Hires Federal Contractors for NYC Effort

In this time of recovery in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, many have been called upon to aid in the relief efforts.  In New York City, the 6,000 employed sanitation workers have been hard at work and have also acquired additional help from hundreds of private contractors hired under a $92 million FEMA Contract as executed by the Army Corps of Engineers. Businesses properly registered for federal government work continue to put all their efforts into collecting damaged items from homes, but have yet to see any sight of the finish line.  According to the Associated Press, New York City has collected an estimated 271,000 tons of ruins and debris just from local neighbors alone.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau reported 52,000 reports of car damage from Hurricane Sandy stating claims that include massive water damage from flooding and smashed car frames from fallen trees.  Long Beach, NY public work crews worked 16 hours shifts to accumulate sand from buried parts of the city.  The sand collected from the city streets now currently stands 5 stories high.   Rocks and fragments have been moved to landfills in Pennsylvania. Garbage barges have also been called into service to help traffic the wreckage across the Hudson to new locations to dump the rubble.  Beaches across the New Jersey shore have been affected so dramatically that an abundant of vehicles are still blocking most of the roadways in these areas. The blocked roads are causing mass confusion for towing companies hired to collect vehicles stranded on front lawns and vacant streets.


The federal procurement officers responsible for hiring businesses to help with the damages from Hurricane Sandy must be registered with System for Awards Management (SAM) in order to apply for federal government contracts.  Only then will the business be given work from the federal government.  You must also have a registered FEMA Vendor Profile in order to help FEMA with the efforts from Hurricane Sandy or other natural disasters that require aid.




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