GSA Launches Forecast of Contracting Opportunities Tool

Mar 24, 2016 9:21:24 AM / by David Rockwell

U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Administrator Denise Turner Roth announced on March 15, 2016 the launch of a Forecast of Contracting Opportunities tool, a new GSA-engineered product that will make it easier for small businesses to find potential contracting opportunities with the federal government.
This innovative tool is a key element of Administrator Roth’s focus on strengthening GSA’s role as a catalyst for economic development in communities wherever the federal government is present. Small enterprises are the engines of local economic prosperity, and, said Roth, empowering them to more easily identify opportunities to do business with government is integral to the agency’s mission.
The dashboard is the beta version of a worldwide database of upcoming potential federal contracting opportunities. With the tool, small businesses can now easily filter the contracting opportunity data by:

  • Agency
  • Contact award status
  • Location (place of performance)
  • NAICS Code, and
  • Contract value

“The General Services Administration is constantly seeking new ways to improve communication and transparency to allow vendors, especially small enterprises, a better chance for success in doing business with the government”, said Administrator Denise Turner Roth. “That is why we’re excited to launch our new automated Small Business Forecast Tool. This tool focuses on acquisition planning, making vendors aware of opportunities early in the acquisition process.”
Click through to GSA Forecast of Contracting Opportunities tool to check out the site for yourself.
This new tool is part of GSA’s ongoing effort to serve as a catalyst for nationwide community economic development. Infusing federal dollars into a community bolsters its tax base and leads to stronger local economies.
If you have any questions about the tool itself, e-mail
You also can find this information on
If you need help preparing a bid, or want more information about becoming a registered government contractor, US Federal Contractor Registration is available to help. Call us at 877-252-2700 ext. 1.

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