How to Write Effective Capabilities Statements for Your Business Video

Feb 22, 2019 1:38:00 PM / by David Rockwell

Capabilities Statements are super important for government contractors. To write a good capability statement is to get your foot in the door with federal purchasing agents and prime contractors. These one page documents show what your business does and how you do it.

How to Write Effective Capabilities Statements for Your Business

They show-off what makes you different, aka your differentiators and your set-asides. Just like writing a great resume, this succinct synopsis will take a few drafts to get right.

Where does a Capabilities Statement Go?

Jimi Diaz, Senior Web Developer for US Federal Contractor Registration has worked on thousands of them over the past 15 years. Jimi also builds online capability statements which you can link to on your Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) Profile. In today's online world it is practically mandatory to have one of these online capability statements to send to prospective buyers whether that be prime contractors who are looking for subcontractors or federal purchasing agents who are looking for private sector businesses.

Simplified Acquisition Program

To get your online capabilities statement, enroll in the Simplified Acquisition Program with US Federal Contractor Registration. Learn more here: http://www.simplifiedacquisitionprogr... Meet Jimi Diaz:

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David is a writer and educational multimedia producer for government contractors around the world. Some of his favorite work, with the experts at USFCR, is telling success stories of businesses that win federal contracts.

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