National Black Chamber of Commerce Announces Collaboration with US Federal Contractor Registration

Sep 23, 2015 6:22:26 AM / by David Rockwell

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 10.19.58 AMCharles DeBow, National Black Chamber of Commerce Vice President of Business Development and Programs, announced this week a collaboration between the National Black Chamber of Commerce and the Florida- and Washington, D.C.-based US Federal Contractor Registration.
Chamber members, he says, are winning more federal contracts now than ever before, and he credits US Federal Contractor Registration for making this possible.
“We have never seen the level of results our members are getting within weeks of enrolling in the US Federal Contractor Registration SAM Registration program,” says DeBow. He tells Chamber members that “doing business with the federal government continues to be one of the biggest growth environments for small businesses.”
“When it comes to federal contracting, there is no better service than US Federal Contractor Registration,” DeBow adds.
US Federal Contractor Registration helps its clients complete SAM (System for Award Management) Registration and qualify for Simplified Acquisitions. It also provides clients with information about contracts for which they are qualified to bid; procurement officers with a list of clients newly registered with SAM; and reminders about renewing SAM Registration. Companies not registered in SAM are not eligible to win government contracts.
DeBow singles out US Federal Contractor Registration Case Manager John Wayne II, a certified SAM Registration expert, with helping Chamber members win big government contracts.
“He has been on a hot streak with our members for more than 18 months. Thanks to him, one of our Chamber members — a very small company with a staff of two — went from $180,000 a year in gross sales to securing multi-million dollar contracts.”
John Wayne II has provided small businesses with efficient, cost-effective, productive strategies to help owners of small businesses successfully compete with Fortune 500 companies. He offers free weekly webinars to help owners of small businesses learn about winning government contracts.
For more information about government contracting and awards, call John Wayne II at 727-800-3012, 202-717-9062, or 877-252-2700 ext. 747. You also can email

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David Rockwell

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