Podcast Ep 20: The Government Buys From Small Businesses

Dec 17, 2019 9:00:00 AM / by Alex Siniari

tgbap Ep.20 BLOG IMAGESmall business set asides can make a crucial difference in a small business owner's ability to compete in a federal contracting marketplace that is typically dominated by large corporations. Join us as we root for the underdog in this episode of The Government Buys...a Podcast.

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After listening to the episode. Complete the homework to take the right steps forward as a government contractor.

This week's homework is use the search filters in APP to find set aside contracts that match your business's socio-economic status. Those without access to APP can do this on Beta.Sam.gov. 

Extra credit: If you find a contract you like, reach out to the contracting officer and introduce yourself.

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