Podcast Ep 2: The System to Conquer All Systems, SAM

Aug 19, 2019 3:01:00 PM / by David Rockwell


Registration in the System for Award Management (SAM) is the first requirement to bid on U.S. federal contracts. You also need it to get paid by the government as well. In this episode of "The Government Buys...a Podcast," we sit down with USFCR Director of Case Management Jessica Summers about this crucial process for getting started. 

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Fun Facts

SAM is going through a major upgrade right now. It's called betaSAM. It's been in the works in 2012! Will it ever be done? Who cares when you have the Advanced Procurement Portal (APP).

USFCR celebrated a re-brand at ten years in 2020. The company has gone through many changes since 2010 including transitioning thousands of entities from the old Central Contractor Registration (CCR) to the then, brand-new System for Award Management. Check out this legacy post from 2011 just before the transition began.

USFCR is the world's largest third-party government registration firm. Want to hear more about our story? Jump forward a few episodes and listen to TGBAP's interview with founder and president Eric Knellinger.


US Federal Contractor Registration SAM Service

Registrations upon registrations. SAM may be the first step to government contracting, but Login.gov is the first step to a SAM. Yes, this is how the government works. But, we have you covered. Here's a video on how to make a Login.gov account.


What's your cash flow look like?

Watch our webinar for tips on completing the SAM Registration.

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How Can a Registration & Contracting Specialist help you succeed as a federal contractor?

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