Podcast Ep 9: The Government Buys in an Emergency

Oct 8, 2019 1:27:00 PM / by David Rockwell

TGBAP-009-urgent-contract-needsIn the old days all government contracting was cumbersome. However, a long, complicated process is not productive when supplies are needed quickly. One instance of the government needing to buy quickly is during an emergency. In this episode of the podcast we explain how the government side-steps a lot of regulation with one simplified set of rules called Simplified Acquisition Procedures.

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After you finish the episode, check out the helpful links and homework below to get the most out of this installment.

Fun Fact

USFCR looked at the Simplified Acquisition Procedures and developed the Simplified Acquisition Program in response. This program has been instrumental in helping small businesses connect with the government on quick procurement.

Helpful Links

Get to know this episode's guest, USFCR Senior Acquisition Specialist Peter LaNore.


We gave three options in today's episode for homework to get your business rolling on SAP.

1: Call Peter

2: Go to the SimplifiedAcquisitionProgram.org and learn more about Simplified Acquisitions
3: Read Part 13 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation

If you actually read (or have read) FAR Part 13, please reach out to us and let's talk. I want you to be a guest on our show.

Next Episode

As FBO becomes one with The System for Award Management we dedicate an episode to these changes. Next week's episode is titled, The Government Gets an Update.


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David Rockwell

Written by David Rockwell

David is a writer and educational multimedia producer for government contractors around the world. Some of his favorite work, with the experts at USFCR, is telling success stories of businesses that win federal contracts.

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