Podcast Ep 25: The Government Buys... COVID-19 Relief

Mar 27, 2020 11:41:40 AM / by Alex Siniari


On this special edition of The Government Buys... a Podcast, we analyze the U.S. Government's immediate response with federal contracts to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The national disaster following the outbreak of the corona virus is different than your typical flood or hurricane. Since there is no local area defined by this disaster, federal business opportunities for relief efforts are being posted on a nationwide scale. The data is truly remarkable to look at or in reference to this podcast...to listen to.

Our source for the information in this episode is FPDS-NG's Covid-19 report (March 19, 2020), available on FPDS or betaSAM's Data Bank. Our most recent information states that the government has spent over $36 million with a percentage of that going to small business. For the details, listen below.

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