Podcast Ep 24 - The Government Buys The Academy

Mar 24, 2020 11:32:39 AM / by Alex Siniari

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On this episode of The Government Buys... a Podcast, we highlight how the right training can take a business from SAM Registration to their dream contract. Listen to the story of service-disabled veteran and business-owner Craig Williams.

While attending USFCR Academy training events Williams learned how to effectively sell his services to the U.S. Government which led to 6 federal contract wins and the opportunity of a lifetime. We also discuss the history of USFCR Academy, detailing how a 2010 start-up (USFCR) became an industry leader in government contract assistance.

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Be like Craig. Attend a webinar. It might just change your outlook on government contracting. You can do so by by clicking here.

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