Practical Guide to Government Contracting Fireside Chat

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Thursday, December 10, 2020, 11:00 AM Eastern

Practical Guide to Government Contracting Fireside Chat Webinar

In the winter time, for most creatures, it’s time to hibernate. Government contractors and business owners are on a different schedule. Only resting to go harder the next day.

For our health however, let’s take a moment and reflect. Reflect upon the text that gave many of you your start into government contracting: The Practical Guide to Government Contracting.

Let’s also reflect upon 2020. We made it!

And let’s look forward to a better (if not, different) 2021.

What is the Practical Guide to Government Contracting?

When we created the Practical Guide to Government Contracting at USFCR, we knew it was basic information. That’s how you start this journey. In fact, that’s where we met most of you when you contacted us for the first time. Look at you now, government contractors.

USFCR knows that at the beginning, it is important to keep it simple and grow from there. We’ve seen thousands of businesses take this formula and make it work to win federal contracts for their business.

Webinar Topics

In this webinar we’ll also follow that formula. We’ll start with the main points of government contracting as laid out in the Practical Guide and from there we’ll let you guide the conversation. Ask us anything!

Plus, there might be some fun holiday cheer mixed in throughout as 'tis the season. We look forward to more than just your questions too. We look forward to hearing your successes and your close-calls. We look forward to your feedback.

Take an hour out of your busy schedule to reflect and join us for the Practical Guide to Government Contracting Fireside Chat Webinar.

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If you're the type that likes to read the book before watching the movie, download the guide here.

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