Long-term Purchasing Agreements with the U.S. Government

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Long-term Purchasing Agreements with the U.S. Government

GSA Schedule Contracts: Long-term Purchasing Agreements with the US Government

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Businesses that hold GSA Schedule contracts are uniquely positioned to be preferred vendors with the biggest buyer of products and services in the world, the U.S. government. The GSA typically reports facilitating over $30 billion in acquisitions annually.

Businesses that can get over the initial registration hurdles can profit greatly. Once on the schedule, the government can simply buy from your business. Sometimes, this can even occur through 3-5-year blanket purchase agreements.

There are stipulations to being a GSA Schedule Contract Holder. Businesses must meet minimum sales requirements, or their status can be revoked. Combine the hundreds of pages of registration documents, along with the stipulations of staying on schedule, and you’ll understand why many businesses don't pursue this path. The businesses that do invest in obtaining a GSA are typically rewarded, so it’s worth understanding how to get started.

In this webinar, we’ll explain the GSA and why the GSA recommends businesses be prepared to invest up to $80,000 to start their schedule, as well as how to drastically reduce the investment and risk of not being accepted.

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