USFCR Academy Live: How to Format Your Offer on Federal Contracts

2020 / by USFCR Academy

How to Format Your Offer on Federal Contracts- USFCR

USFCR Academy: How to Format Your Offer on Federal Contracts

USFCR Academy is holding a five-part workshop to assist businesses that are making offers on government contracts. Part 1 is about the crucial but overlooked element of formatting. Without proper formatting, your bid might not even be up for consideration. That's why this process is crucial to master early on in your federal contracting venture. 

That's why USFCR created the Master Bid Template. Just as contracting officers use a template to assemble contracts, contractors can also access templates to assemble their offers. USFCR’s Master Bid Template is one such document. This template was developed and tailored around FAR regulations to provide clients with a framework for proposals.

The Master Bid Template will not help you win contracts but will provide an excellent jumping-off point. If you don’t know how to use the template, you could find yourself submitting offers that miss the requirements or, even worse, are “unresponsive” (not even considered). Register for Part 1 of the Proposal Writing Workshop Series to understand how to format your document correctly, so it is considered for the award.

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Registering for a webinar is one thing. Using this information to win federal contracts is the goal, right? Before you register for and watch the webinar below, sign up for your business qualification with a Registration & Contracting Specialist.


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