GSA Schedules

Apr 13, 2020 3:32:05 PM / by Anna Rose

On March 19, 2020, we held a live webinar about GSA Schedules. The webinar is now available on demand. You can also learn more about GSA Schedules in this blog post. 
GSA stands for General Services Administration. The GSA is an independent federal agency that assists all government agencies with procurement, support services, regulations and government real estate.
The GSA purchases items and services not only for themselves but also other federal agencies. A GSA Schedule is a long-term agreement between a vendor and the GSA where the vendor agrees to provide an item or service at guaranteed pricing.
These are often referred to as Federal Supply Schedules (FSS) and Multiple Award Schedules (MAS). Once a vendor is on a GSA Schedule, they have been pre-qualified as FAR compliant and have set their pre-negotiated ceiling prices for goods and services.
The government prefers to purchase from  schedules because it streamlines the acquisition process and allows them to easily view socioeconomic statuses to hit their goals.


By getting onto a GSA schedule, a vendor can receive orders from not only the federal government but also state and local governments. In order to stay on a GSA Schedule, a vendor must receive $25,000 in qualified GSA Schedule orders within their first two years on the schedule. Each year after, the vendor must maintain a $25,000 minimum order each year to stay active.

Did You Know

There are minimum requirements for a business to apply to enter into a GSA schedule. The minimum requirements include:
  • Two years in business, with two years financial statements
  • Measurable past performance, provided via Dun and Bradstreet Open Ratings system
Ability to comply with key solicitation clauses such as:
  • Trade Agreement Act
  • Buy American Act
  • Service Contract Act and prevailing wage rates
  • Administrative and reporting requirements

Back to Basics

Like anything unfamiliar, proper training will increase understanding.
Part of the application process for a GSA Schedule is to participate in two mandatory online training and provide proof of completion. USFCR also provides training on GSA Schedules. 
Anna Rose

Written by Anna Rose

Anna is a USFCR Training Coordinator and the host of the USFCR Academy. She has worked with thousands of businesses to help them get into and succeed in federal government contracting.