US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR) is the largest and most trusted full-service Federal consulting organization. USFCR also provides set-aside qualifications, including women-owned, veteran-owned, disadvantaged (8a), HUBZone, and other federal contracting services, technology, and training.
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How Federal Contracting Drives the Innovations We Use Daily

Sep 11, 2023 2:23:47 PM / by USFCR posted in News

Picture this: You're navigating through bustling city traffic, your GPS making every turn less stressful. Ever wondered how this indispensable tool, once exclusive to military operations, became your personal guide? The answer lies in federal contracting—a catalyst for innovation that not only shapes our world but also offers a wealth of opportunities for businesses like yours.

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Stephen Trupke - Registration & Contracting Specialist

Sep 7, 2023 1:18:12 PM / by USFCR posted in Team

Stephen Trupke became a part of the USFCR team as a Registration and Contracting Specialist in 2022. A Michigan native, he transitioned to Florida initially to expand his business. Stephen enjoys various outdoor activities in his free time, such as cars, working out, and more.

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Discover the Most Sought-After Services for Disaster Relief Contracts

Aug 29, 2023 10:34:53 AM / by USFCR posted in News

Do you want to make a meaningful impact while expanding your business? Have you ever considered working on relief contracts? If your business provides specialized services, working with FEMA or the Army Corps of Engineers could be your golden opportunity to not only generate revenue but also help those in desperate need. Let's explore the details and discover what you need to know.

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The History of Federal Contracting: A Story of Innovation and Adaptation

Aug 28, 2023 1:27:10 PM / by USFCR posted in News

The Unseen Engine of Progress: From Muskets to Modernity

Imagine the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, desperately in need of muskets and supplies. Who answered the call? Private businesses, stepping into a new world of federal contracting. This was the humble beginning of a complex and essential part of the U.S. government. The history of federal contracting is not just a series of events; it's a story of innovation and adaptation that teaches us valuable lessons about managing complex projects and achieving success.

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Anthony Lokotnicki - Registration & Contracting Specialist

Aug 28, 2023 1:17:01 PM / by USFCR posted in Team


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Drew Chisholm - Registration & Contracting Specialist

Aug 22, 2023 1:09:08 PM / by USFCR posted in Team


Drew Chisholm, who hails from St. Cloud, FL, just 30 minutes south of Orlando, joined the USFCR team in March 2023. With a passion for problem-solving and a knack for strategic thinking, Drew has quickly become an integral part of our mission.

Drew's desire to work in the government and his affinity for connecting with people, led him to USFCR. As an account manager, he found the perfect blend of his interests, allowing him to help small businesses grow. What resonates with him? It's the opportunity to discuss business strategy and craft plans for steady growth.

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Disaster Relief Contracting: Opportunities, Misconceptions, and How to Get Started.

Aug 21, 2023 11:00:00 AM / by USFCR posted in News

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is crucial in helping communities recover from natural disasters and emergencies. As a disaster relief contractor, you can make a significant impact by providing essential goods and services during these challenging times. However, many misconceptions about Relief contracting may deter potential contractors.

This blog post will address common misconceptions, explore opportunities, and provide a step-by-step guide to help you secure your first Relief contract.

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Greg Schaeffer - Chief Financial Officer

Aug 17, 2023 1:01:50 PM / by USFCR posted in Team


Greg Schaeffer, a Clearwater, FL native, joined the USFCR family as Chief Financial Officer in June 2021. With over a decade of experience as a CPA, Greg's expertise in government compliance, tax filings, and SEC compliance reports has become a cornerstone of our financial strategy.

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Megan Haigler - Registration & Contracting Specialist

Aug 15, 2023 11:08:29 AM / by USFCR posted in Team


Joining the USFCR team in December 2022, Megan Haigler brought a fresh perspective and a passion for excellence. Growing up in Southeast Oklahoma, Megan's adventurous spirit led her to Florida, where she sought new opportunities and a fresh start. Her aunt's recommendation of the Tampa Bay Area became the catalyst for a journey that would lead her to USFCR.

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The Power of Networking: Your Key to Success in Federal Contracting

Aug 14, 2023 10:59:16 AM / by USFCR posted in News

The Importance of Networking in Federal Contracting

The federal government is the largest buyer in the world, spending billions on goods and services. In this vast marketplace, networking is not just beneficial; it's essential. Building relationships with government officials and other contractors can give businesses a significant advantage in the fierce contract competition. It's more than just a strategy; it's a pathway to success in federal contracting.

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