Best Practices for Subcontracting on Federal Government Contracts

2020 / by USFCR Academy


Best Practices for Subcontracting on Federal Government Contracts

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Many businesses, while trying to get their start in the federal marketplace are faced with the following paradox: to win contracts you need to have a past performance record, to get a past performance record you need to win contracts.

So how does one get around this? 

Subcontracting is a way around this roadblock because it is a viable way for businesses to build federal past performance and safely generate revenue. However, in order for this to work as a long-term growth strategy, subcontractors must understand federal compliance.

Technology and artificial intelligence have led to increased scrutiny of compliance issues along the B2G supply chain. As a result, in federal contracting, compliant subcontractors are highly valued. In a market where compliance is the norm, maintaining compliance as a subcontractor can actually be a differentiator.

In this webinar, you will learn about federal compliance for subcontractors, websites for finding subcontract opportunities, and tools for presenting compliance to the decision makers.

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This webinar is now available ON DEMAND by completing the form below.
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