USFCR Academy Live: The Benefit of Finding Federal Contract Opps Early

2020 / by USFCR Academy

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USFCR Academy Live: The Benefit of Finding Federal Contract Opps Early

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Most people don’t realize that many government contracts start years before they become actual bidding opportunities. They start as requests, requirements, objectives, studies, legislation, and ideas.

It’s no secret that getting in on the ground floor has its advantages. In federal contracting, the reward of getting in early is a complete understanding of requirements and the potential to develop relationships with buyers, influencers, and decision makers.

The businesses who win federal awards consistently tend to have started building a relationship with the contracting team long before they have bid on the actual contract.

The good news is that due to government transparency regulations, all of this is public knowledge. You just have to be able to find it.

How do you find early stage federal contracts?

If you know how to call something, you will have a much easier time finding it. In this webinar, you will learn the life cycle of a government contract from inception to award and beyond. Knowing all of the appropriate times to respond and the right kind of questions to ask will help you win more contracts.

Webinar Topics

There are many dates listed on contract solicitation documents. This is a result of the many phases involved in opportunity development. By the end of this webinar you will understand all of these facets:

  1. Notice Types (Development Phases)
    1. Pre - industry days, sources sought
    2. During - combined synopsis/solicitation, modification/amendment
    3. Post - award notice, cancellation
  1. Documents
    1. Standard forms
    2. Solicitation document
    3. Exhibits (payment form, past performance questionnaire, blueprints, specifications/drawings, excel documents, etc.)
  2. Response Dates
    1. Posted date vs. original posted date
    2. Q&A response
    3. Site visit date (if applicable)
    4. Response date
    5. Archive date
    6. Period of performance (option periods)

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