Getting Assistance with Federal Grants

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10.1 Help with Grants

Getting Assistance with Federal Grants

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A large portion of the federal budget is spent on grants. Grants are awarded to government entities at all levels of government, to non-profit organizations and businesses.

You may have an idea or solution to a problem that you know will benefit the country. You’ve seen others performing this type of federally funded work or you found a listing on

Grant Basics

There are some basic concepts to understand in order to submit your proposal to the government successfully and be considered as the grant recipient. Approaching the right opportunities, understanding the language, and most importantly understanding the eligibility requirements are paramount to this endeavor.

In addition, there are ways to win grant money that do not come directly from the federal government. This is accomplished by engaging with implementing partners.

Webinar Topics

In this webinar you will learn the following topics:

  1. How grants work directly from the federal government
  2. How grant money is dispersed through implementing partners
  3. How you can form a long-term strategy for grant money
  4. Basic eligibility requirements for grant opportunities

Proposal writing for grants may sound intimidating, but with these basic concepts down, your organization will be able to focus on the important work, actually getting the funding.

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