Structuring a Powerhouse Federal Contracting Team at Your Business

2020 / by USFCR Academy

11.24 Building a Powerful Business

Structuring a Powerhouse Federal Contracting Team at Your Business

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Whether you are a sole proprietor, a business owner with handful of employees, or a company broken up into many departments, federal contracting is managed the same way:

  • Opportunity management
  • Proposal writing
  • Quality assurance/accountability
  • Back of house

Government contractors must manage these tasks on top of normal day-to-day operations. This may seem overwhelming, but USFCR Academy can help you achieve success. The resources and knowledge in this webinar are a great start.

Webinar Topics

In this webinar you will learn what each task entails, tips for efficiently working on these tasks, and the type of people who function really well for each task (or the type of hat you should be wearing if you’re managing it yourself).

Achieving Balance

You don’t want your normal business operations to decline as you expand into this market. This could lead to poor performance evaluations when you win your contract. Starting out in the hole like this is detrimental to your long-term success.

At US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR), our mission is to simplify this process, so you can achieve long-term success. USFCR can provide assistance for every task mentioned in the webinar. We have done so for thousands of businesses over the past 10 years.

Take Action

Registering for a webinar is one thing. Using this information to win federal contracts is the goal though, right? Before you register for and watch the webinar below, sign up for your business qualification with a Registration & Contracting Specialist.

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