A Big Advancement for Business in Federal Contract Acquisition

Jan 8, 2018 11:20:51 AM / by David Rockwell

If you haven't been successful acquiring government contracts in the past, 2018 is going to be your year. Furthering our mission of simplifying the federal acquisition process with the latest technology, US Federal Contractor Registration has developed a major advancement which will help you acquire your first contract.
USFCR is no stranger to helping businesses break into the federal market. Check out some of the success stories from 2017 below. These successes represent a sliver of our very successful year. USFCR clients earned over $16.4 billion in government contract awards this year! That’s over $70 billion since the inception of the company.

USFCR Verified Vendor 2017 Success Stories

Some of USFCR’s Verified Vendors who won contracts in 2017 include the following:

  • Skyhawk Drone Services recently won its first two federal contracts valued at around $131,000 to fly drones up the east coast and assess damage caused by Hurricane Irma.
  • Active Water Solutions received its first government contract which is valued at $693,000 to design and manufacture a packaged wastewater treatment plan.
  • Leading2Succeeding LLC received its first two contracts valued at a potential $120,000 from the International Trade Commission to provide consulting services for up to five years if all options are exercised.
  • Omega Tech Communication Services received three contracts this year valued at over $155,000 to provide IT and telecom services, security detection systems and cable cord assemblies.
  • C-Plus Electronics received a $12,000 contract from the US Army to deliver electronics and toner.
  • IMS Engineered Products, Inc. received a contract valued at a possible $475,000 with options to extend until 2022. They will deliver modular electronic equipment cabinets through the GSA.

We are very proud to represent such a large percentage of the entities who did the work that matters. Our numbers still put us at the top of the list when it comes to third-party registration firms, but we’re setting our sights even higher for 2018.

SAM registrations are just the beginning.

We continue to register new entities in the System for Award Management (SAM). More SAM registrations means more businesses are getting a shot at that prestigious honor of being a federal contractor. However, a complete and accurate SAM registration is only half the battle.
Simply being registered to work for the government does not mean that you will receive work. Obtaining government work takes persistence, patience and access to the specific language of federal acquisition. You have to put the time in to win a government contract and USFCR is going to simplify that process even more this year with its latest technology, The Advanced Procurement Portal (APP).

Advanced Procurement Portal APP, The latest technology to deliver on USCR's mission statement to simplify the federal acquisition process.

The Advanced Procurement Portal (APP)

  • APP will give our clients the quickest access to active government solicitations with a customizable feed that updates automatically as opportunities become available.
  • APP will allow vendors to learn about their SAM registered competition. Clients will be able use this information to not only learn about who has been successful in their industry but also, more easily form joint ventures, and acquire sub-contracting opportunities.
  • APP contains a built-in, easy to use Client Relationship Manager for users to keep accurate records of their commercial and government contacts, as well as quickly view the latest activities from these agents and vendors.

APP provides access that usually costs businesses tens of thousands of dollars and here it is, right at your fingertips. All current USFCR clients who are active in AFPDS will be upgraded on January 1, 2018. If you would like more information call in and please speak with an acquisition specialist.

Forming an Action Plan in 2018 with The Learning Center

We are certain that this program’s ease of use will increase your chances at obtaining government contracts. To make sure you have the best chance, our 2018 New Year’s Resolution is to provide a comprehensive and structured Learning Center as a part of APP. The Learning Center will help companies submit their first responsive bid within days. You could win your first government contract very soon. Now, your first bid might not stick, but with the Learning Center, you’ll know exactly what steps to take next.
Set a New Year’s Resolution to win a government contract this year. Don’t just get registered, take action. Call in to USFCR acquisition specialists and ask questions. If you don’t have a plan, our team will help you form one. The federal acquisition process can be more accessible than ever. APP is designed with all businesses, organizations and government agencies in mind. It can exponentially help a small-to-medium sized business who might not have the resources to otherwise be successful in the federal sector.  If you invest the time into the Advanced Procurement Portal, everyone will have a fair shot at acquiring a government contract.

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David Rockwell

Written by David Rockwell

David is a writer and educational multimedia producer for government contractors around the world. Some of his favorite work, with the experts at USFCR, is telling success stories of businesses that win federal contracts.