Eligibility Requirements for GSA Contracts

Feb 24, 2016 9:12:16 AM / by David Rockwell

We've recently had a flurry of questions about how our clients can qualify to receive contracts from the General Services Administration (GSA). The GSA requires any entity that submits an offer to it to meet several qualifications and guidelines. We include below a few mandatory requirements, though please keep in mind that you may be required to submit additional documents and information, depending on the schedule under which you're submitting your offer. The requirements below apply to all schedules.

  • The offeror has not had any GSA Contracts canceled in the last 12 months due to low sales. If yes, can you provide proof of current federal sales in excess of $25,000, a copy of the cancellation letter, and a marketing plan detailing the steps you plan to take to generate sales through a new GSA Schedule contract?
  • The offeror does not have any previously cancelled or expired contracts under this schedule.
  • The offeror does not have any rejection notices for previously submitted offers, or any pending any pending or awarded offers under other schedules. If yes, offeror can provide the name and phone number of the GSA Contracting Specialist, and awarded contract number.
  • The offeror can provide the most recent 2 years of Financial Statements to include Balance Sheet & Income Statement, with an explanation of any negative financial information disclosed, including negative equity or income.
  • If the offeror is a Large Business do you have, or can you prepare, a Small Business Subcontracting Plan.
  • If offering services, the offeror can provide at least 2 project experiences (completed within the last 2 years) for each service to be offered on GSA, to include a proposal or statement of work for each project.
  • If offering products the offeror must be able to certify that the products are TAA Compliant and manufactured in a designated country.
  •  If offering products that the offeror is not the manufacturer of, the offeror must be able to obtain a letter of supply from the manufacturer of the product to ensure an uninterrupted supply for the duration of the contract.
  • The offer can supply pricing documentation as needed (pricing documentation may include: invoices, commercial pricelists, catalogs, contracts, quote sheets, etc)
  • An officer of the company has or can obtain a digital certificate, on their computer, for signatures and contract negotiations.
  • Can the offeror provide at least 10 past performance references?

Even if you cannot meet these qualifications, your business may qualify for other contract opportunities. Call us today to find out how we can help your company succeed as a federal contractor.

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David Rockwell

Written by David Rockwell

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