USFCR to Give Away $5 Million Worth in APP Subscriptions

Oct 5, 2020 4:16:28 PM / by Hayden Johnson

USFCR APP Giveaway

As part of US Federal Contractor Registration's "Putting America Back to Work" initiative, we are announcing a giveaway of $5 million worth in subscriptions to our Advanced Procurement Portal (APP), USFCR's federal contracting search and management platform. Learn more about this initiative, how APP can help your business, and how to take advantage of this great offer in this blog post.


Putting America Back to Work 

Since 2010, USFCR has had one mission - simplifying government contracting. That's because we realize that the true value of government contracts goes far beyond the dollar amount that's awarded. 

When a business works with the U.S. government, they're getting a reliable customer. They're working with a client that buys from just about every industry imaginable, is recession-proof, and always looks to build an ongoing working relationship. This in turn, puts food on the table, gas in the tank, and keeps the lights on for many working families across America. 

Now, more than ever in recent history, there is a definite need for businesses to get such a customer. That's because as the commercial sector slows down due to the crisis, federal contracting is on the rise. 

With this in mind, USFCR is doubling its efforts to deliver the best resources for businesses to find security, longevity, and a solid source of revenue through government contracting. 

That's why we're giving away $5 million worth of subscriptions to APP.

How APP Can Help Your Business

In government contracting, research, organization, and finding contracts are the keys to success. With APP, you get all of these in a user-friendly Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). 

With APP you can: 

  • Find opportunities the moment they are posted by an agency 
  • Save your searches and get instant updates for that criteria 
  • Conduct research on your competitors 
  • Research previously awarded contracts
  • Organize your government point of contacts

It takes all the hassle out of jumping around multiple, outdated government websites, and puts all these capabilities into a simple application. 

Less time figuring out how every different government procurement site works, means more time focusing on your business and submitting effective bids.

Take Advantage of this Great Offer

To show our support for American businesses in these tough times, we're providing free access to APP with the purchase of select services. To find out more about this offer, you can visit this page.

Still on the fence about government contracting? Not sure if there's a market for your business? 

Find out if you qualify with a free consultation with a USFCR Registration & Contracting Specialist today. We’re all in this together.

Get Your Business Qualified for Federal Contracting

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