Liliana Lander - Registration & Contracting Specialist

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Liliana Lander - Registration & Contracting Specialist

Since 2013, Liliana Lander has assisted her clients with their System for Award Management (SAM) registrations, taught them how to bid on contracts, and communicated with procurement officers. 

At US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR), Liliana's job as a Registration & Contracting Specialist is to bridge the gap between businesses and the federal government. Liliana assesses businesses and their objectives and connects them to the right USFCR resources for reaching those objectives. This can range from various set-aside registrations, USFCR Turnkey Consulting, and the Advanced Procurement Portal (APP). 

As a Registration & Contracting Specialist, Liliana specializes in the following:  

  • Simplified Acquisition Contracts
  • Micro-purchases 
  • Small Business Set-Asides
    • HUBZone
    • 8(a) Business Development Program 
    • Service-Disabled/Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SD/VOSB)
    • Economically Disadvantaged/Women-Owned Small Businesses (ED/WOSB) 

Liliana brings USFCR clients her knowledge in contract searching, networking, and the debriefing process. 

Liliana Lander Testimonials

"Like I stated over the phone, “Peter, you and your staff are the best $600 spent. You save us so much time and headache, by working the paperwork for us. Also, your office has great customer service."

- Kimberly W., US Army & Air force Exchange

"We are pleased to write this review and recognize the exceptional service we received from Liliana Lander. She was not only professional, answering our questions and concerns. She was courteous and responded immediately when I emailed and/or called her with a question. These are stressful times, and Ms. Lander reduced my stress with the superb service we received from her on our SAM registration."

- Sheila S. 

"Liliana Lander has always been excellent to work with. She is so quick to respond to my questions, and she helps me understand how to best use the USFCR service."

- Jennell

"Liliana is awesome. I was having a hard time renewing our SAM registration, and our company had just been scammed by a phishing email from a fake SAM renewal company. As soon as I talked to Liliana, she fixed everything for us and kept us in compliance. When it becomes time to renew again, we will be doing it with her specifically."

- Seren

"Liliana contacted me the same day regarding my question and helped me resolve it quickly. She has consistently provided this level of service over the past year that I have worked with her."

- Rob S.

"1. Excellent knowledge of the program. 2. Could answer any and every question. 3.Extremely helpful in guiding through the process. 4.Very responsive and prompt in exchanges and communications. 5. Outstanding in regards to customer service and attentiveness to ensure the USFCR process is complete and accurate. 6. Other “Client Relations Specialists” should try to emulate to this “Client Relations Specialists” level."

- Jim H.

"Liliana Rocks....! - Liliana Lander is so efficient. I always enjoy speaking with her. She is very organized and knows her topic very well. She is always willing to help you if you don't understand something in renewing your SAMS."

- Rhonda

"Lilliana Lander has made my experience navigating the registration process a pleasure. She has been very thorough in her follow-up. Definitely a great experience !!"


"Liliana Lander was professional and very supportive. Kept me updated on the progress of my SAM application. Friendly and very courteous. I would recommend her services to anyone who needs help navigating the SAM application process."

- Charles

"Super nice and makes renewal super easy."

- Ashley

"LILIANA LANDER (our Registration and Contracting Specialist) has been of great help with our Sams - Duns # registration and any questions we have had along the way. She is very nice over the phone. She promptly emails back information that is requested. She has made the process of registration go smoothly."

- Candy

"Liliana has been extremely helpful over the past couple of years, and it is clear she cares about providing the best service for our organization. She is patient and listens and has made our experience enjoyable."

- Graham

"Thank you so much for helping with the USFCR registration for the Oconee County Board of Disabilities and Special Needs. The process was very smooth and easy, thanks to you. I would not want to work with anyone else. Thanks again."


"I continue to have outstanding service from USFCR in maintaining our Government Contracting Registration. I normally work with Lilianna Lander. She is great to work with, very personable, and always ready to provide assistance and answer my questions. I appreciate the proactive service we continue to receive."


"Peter, Liliana, and the team at USFCR do a great job of taking the hassle out of SAM registration and compliance. We love working with them."


"Liliana Lander has done a great job in helping me and my firm with the SAM Registration.  She has been assisting us for 10+ years, and we just extended another 3 years.  A large part is because of her and USFCR's great service.  They have made this task painless."


"Very easy to work with and pleasant conversation.  Liliana Lander was very professional and thorough. Thank you"


"We have been working with USFCR for a few years for SAM registration and renewal and other related tasks. We are very satisfied with the service.
Special thanks to Lilian Lander for her support and quick response."


"My corporation has been working with US Federal Contractor Registration for nearly ten years, and their service and support has been outstanding. I especially want to offer a five-star rating to Ms. Liliana Lander for her outstanding support."


"Liliana at USFCR was very helpful and great at communicating the situation to us."


"It's been wonderful working with Liliana Lander; she is consistently responsive, kind, and highly knowledgable; whenever I have had a question or issue to resolve, she has been immediately available and has quickly found a solution. It's a pleasure to work with her, and I appreciate the ways she makes SAM processes that could seem challenging to a layperson (like myself) simple, clear, and manageable.


"My business is very new to this, and Liliana Lander and Peter Lanore have been very helpful and continue to help if I need anything they have made the experience very pleasant !!!!!!"


"Liliana is the best registration & contracting specialist there is! She is knowledgeable, makes everything so easy for us, is eager to help, and is always on top of things. Our business is so thankful that we have someone that we can trust in our corner. If we could give her more than 5 stars, we would.


"We at the Village of Capitan have had a good experience working with USFCR.  They are a professional organization, and they are good folks."


"Lilian Lander was great and very professional and knowledgeable."


"Liliana helped make the process very smooth and easy.  Thanks for reaching out!"


"Our Company has been working thru the registration Process for SAMS and a UEI# with Liliana Landers and Jacob Cummings.  They have been very helpful in guiding us through a complex process."

- David

"USFCR is wonderful! Such a pleasant experience to be able to work with Peter and Liliana! I always receive a call from Liliana and she takes care of all the work for me! She is knowledgeable, helpful, professional and a joy to work with!"

- Lizette S.

This has been a process for me. I am not adroit at the computer. I know, I frustrated your staff. For the only reason, that I just don’t know. (Anything). They were genuinely concerned with my mission. They stuck to it, they were positive in a human way.( With their vernacular and cadence.) They kept communication open. I appreciate that. If I needed question to be answered, they were answered in a reasonable time. My weakness, was at that time, I was working M-F 12 hours a day. It is/was a effective and efficient experience. Being honest, always look for better ways of tagging or communicating to individuals such as myself to keep them involved and trust in the voyage. Special Thank you to: Jacob Cummings, Liliana Lander & Peter Lenore.

- Stephen S. 

"I have worked with Liliana Lander for several years in relation to our Sam’s registration. She is very knowledgeable and helpful with any questions and/or concerns I may have"

- Bonnie

"I have been working with Liliana for over 10 years, and she has always been awesome. Any time I have a question she always answers in a very timely manner. She takes the time to explain things and is a very friendly person."

- Melody A.

"I have been working with Liliana for quite a few years, and she is wonderful, always so kind and helpful.

- Donna

"Peter Lanore and Liliana Lander are always so friendly and personable. It is a pleasure doing business with them."

- Michael


- Talia

"Liliana has been great to work with, and the Brain Injury Recovery Foundation is very excited to be a federal contractor!"

- Chris L.

"Liliana called me from my email I sent her in less than 5 minutes. She knew all about our account and answered my questions very easily. Thanks. Great service and very friendly."

- John H | CEO

"I have been working with Peter Lanore and Liliana Lander for years. They have always been very professional, and I appreciate their help with obtaining federal contracts."

- KA Saul

"It was a pleasure speaking with Liliana. She was very pleasant and answered my questions in simple terms that I understood."

- Patricia

"It is always a pleasure working with Liliana Lander over the past few years! She is very knowledgable and is always eager to make sure I understand our SAM's Registration fully."

- L. Bennett


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