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Apr 17, 2020 10:45:39 AM / by Hayden Johnson

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At US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR), we believe that government contracting is a venture that you shouldn't go into alone. That's why every business that works with us gets assigned a Registration & Contracting Specialist. 

How can a Registration & Contracting Specialist help your business?

Watch the video below to find out. 

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Experts You Can Trust 

USFCR Registration & Contracting Specialists come from a range of professional backgrounds including, but not limited to:

  • Federal Contracting
  • The U.S. Military
  • Small Business Owners
  • Sales
  • Digital & Traditional Marketing

On top of these backgrounds, each Registration & Contracting Specialist is trained and kept up-to-date on the best business-to-government practices. 

Finding Solutions to Suit Your Needs

USFCR offers contractors a wide range of services to give you a competitive edge. So how do you figure out which ones can help your business the most?

Registration & Contracting Specialists will work with you to find which ones can optimize your performance in the federal marketplace.

They do this in just four steps: 


Is federal contracting a worthwhile venture for your business? Could you handle the technical requirements for working with the government? 

A Registration & Contracting Specialist will find these answers for you. That's because at USFCR, we only work with businesses that we can genuinely help.

Business Evaluation

Your Registration & Contracting Specialist will review your business's capabilities. They will then scope out if there are any viable opportunities for you in the federal marketplace. 

Goal Mapping 

In this phase, your Registration & Contracting Specialist will work with you to determine realistic and attainable goals for federal contracting. 

Service Consultation 

USFCR offers services from registration to training.  So which ones are right for you?

The Registration & Contracting Specialist will consult you on which of these services is right for you, your contracting goals, and your budget

A Lasting Working Relationship

A Registration & Contracting Specialist's job is not just to get your business into the federal sector. Onboarding is just part of what they do.

They are here to help you succeed

Your Contracting Specialist Can help you in a variety of ways: 

  • Answering federal contracting questions you may have
  • Identifying viable opportunities
  • Helping you subcontract with other businesses
  • Assist you with the Advanced Procurement Portal (APP)

Simplifying Government Contracting 

USFCR's mission, along with your Registration & Contracting Specialist, is to simplify government contracting. That means making the whole process of getting started and conducting business with the government as seamless as possible. 

You don't have to enter the federal sector alone. Start working with USFCR and a Registration & Contracting Specialist will help you every step of the way

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Hayden Johnson

Written by Hayden Johnson

Hayden is USFCR's Creative Copywriter. His goal is to help businesses navigate the federal marketplace with quick and simple guides.

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