USDA Allocating Over $30,000,000 to Help Farmers and Ranchers Create Value-Added Products

Feb 7, 2024 9:29:02 AM / by Mari Crocitto

Unlock Over $30M in USDA Grants for Agribusiness Innovation2

According to Oregon State University, value-added products are “raw or pre-processed commodities whose value has been increased through the addition of ingredients or processed that make them more attractive to the buyer and/or readily usable by the consumer.” 1 Through this grant program, the USDA aims to assist various agricultural product producers in the creation and production of new consumer products. 

The Department of Agriculture’s Rural Business-Cooperative is encouraging applicants to either start planning or expanding activities related to the marketing and/or processing of value-added agricultural products. To be eligible for funding, applications must demonstrate sustainability and economic viability. The expected end goals for this program include assisting organizations to generate new products, increase producer income, and/or create and expand marketing opportunities.

Eligible applicants include:

  • Independent Producers
  • Farmer or Rancher Cooperatives
  • Agricultural Producer Groups
  • Majority-Controlled Producer-Based Business Ventures

Priority will be given to:

  • Beginning Farmers or Ranchers
  • Small or Medium-Sized Farms
  • Socially Disadvantaged Farmers or Ranchers
  • A Farming or Ranching Cooperative
  • Proposing a Mid-Tier Value Chain
  • Ranches Structured as a Family Farm

Please be aware that a 100 percent cost match is required for all applications.

USFCR’s Grant Writing Team is now accepting applicants for grant writing support regarding projects for the RDBCP-VAPG-2024 Value-Added Producer Grant. Please fill out the following eligibility assessment prior to March 25, 2024 and a member of our staff will be in contact. 


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1Oregon State University. (2022). What is value added? Retrieved from

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