USFCR Academy Live: Contracting Gratitude

Nov 25, 2019 10:07:30 AM / by Anna Rose

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In government communication, it is important to express gratitude to the professionals you will be
working closely with. Express gratitude with contracting officers, agency representatives and other
contracting professionals as they will be major advocates for vendors in the future.

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When to watch: 11/27/19 @ 2 pm ET 

Here are some examples when to express gratitude:
  • Thank a vendor or contracting professional you met at an industry event.
  • Send a thank you email to a contracting officer after they received your proposal or quote.
  • Congratulate a prime vendor on a recent contract award in order to build a relationship.
  • Thank subcontractors who work under your company.

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Did You Know?

When communicating with contracting officers, contract specialists or contracting officer representatives that have a military title, it is professional courtesy to address them by the military ranking. Generally, addressing contracting professionals on a first name basis is a way to connect and build rapport, however if they have served/are serving in the military, addressing them by title is best practice.


  • Sgt. (Sargent)
  • Gen. (General)
  • Lt.(Lieutenant)
  • Maj. (Major)
  • Capt. (Captain)
  • Pvt. (Private)
  • Adm.
  • (Admiral)
  • Cmdr. (Commander)
  • Pfc. (Private First Class)

Back to Basics

Before you start to write your proposal, it's important to read the FAR and understand what constitutes an adequate proposal. To help, the FAR includes a checklist detailing what needs to be included and you must provide supporting data for all costs. Price = Cost + Profit.
Your cost is made up of the cost of labor, supplies, procurement materials and your overhead. That plus your profit, or the margin you stand to make, equals your price.” – Ellen Beebe, The Formula for Cost Proposals on Government Contracts.

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