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Feb 17, 2020 11:51:05 AM / by Anna Rose

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On this week's episode of USFCR Academy Live, we're covering subcontracting. Join us on Wednesday 2/26 at 2 PM ET by signing up on our webinar page.

One of the ways that the government can make sure they are working with reliable vendors is by performing quality assurance audits.

As cited in FAR 46.102:

"Government contract quality assurance is conducted before acceptance (except as otherwise provided in this part), by or under direction of Government personnel; No contract precludes the Government form performing inspection."

Vendors can prepare for a federal audit by having a quality control plan in place. Most companies already have one while small businesses may need to draft one when they enter the federal marketplace. 

A quality control plan (QCP or quality assurance plan) is used to convey the current processes that maintain the condition of your product or keep the service on the right track. It can describe actions such as inspections, checks, and monitoring processes to assure operations run smooth.

Did You Know? 

Some of the basic points that you should cover in a quality control plan include: 


  • Identify personnel responsible for quality control inspections 
  • Create a plan to monitor and correct customer complaints 
  • Staffing plan for service and backup for employee absence
  • How staff will be notified when there is a deficiency in their performance 


  • Define your manufacturing process
  • Provide drawings, specifications, and engineering changes
  • Detail equipment testing procedures
  • Packaging information
  • Define the life endurance of the product with evidence 


When purchasing off the shelf items that are below the simplified acquisition procedures threshold of $250,000, the government is going to look for a QCP.This includes ways to check if the order was fulfilled correctly, the items are in working order, the packaging is in place, and there wasn't damage during shipping. 

Back to Basics

FAR 46.401 states that "government contract quality assurance shall be performed at such times and places as may be necessary" to determine that supplies or services are within compliance.

This includes places like the subcontractors' plants and any stage of the manufacturing process and during the performance of the services. When working with USFCR, quality assurance doesn't fall completely on your shoulders. Our SAM Registration Service ensures your registration is compliant and error-free upon submission.

Need more help understanding The Federal Acquisition Regulations? Check out USFCR Academy's comprehensive guide, The Ultimate Guide to The FAR.

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