USFCR Client Skyhawk Drone Services Receives a Contract

Dec 19, 2017 10:10:45 AM / by David Rockwell

Steven Boodhoo of Skyhawk Drone Services (DUNS 080644275) has been very busy lately. Not only is he continuing to complete work on a USGS federal contract, funded by the Department of the Interior; but also, he is pursuing additional federal opportunities too.

Bid Training

He says one major thing he learned from his bid training with John Wayne and his team Angela Armstrong and Gina Wright was to submit proposals and bids often. "Eventually, something will stick." Steven explains that Executive Bid Trainer John Wayne uncomplicated the process for him so that rapid-fire submission became possible.


Of course, submitting proposals on contracts that his company, Skyhawk Drone Services, is capable of completing is an important piece of the puzzle too. He credits Acquisition Specialist Bobby Davis’s mentorship from registration to present with giving him access to the proper tools in order to completely market his business in the right places to the right people.

More time to focus on his business

With these tools in place, Steven has been able to focus on staying at the forefront of his industry. Skyhawk Drone Services provides drone technology to private-sector and government agencies in need. With government entities especially Steven acknowledges that,

“Technology is changing so rapidly and we constantly need to adapt to meet demands.”

For example, in a solicitation that he is currently pursuing with the Army he includes in his proposal that his company is aware of concerns for software vulnerabilities recently published in a Department of Defense report.
Skyhawk Drone Services is an excellent example of how a business can fully take advantage of US Federal Contractor Registration services in order to take their business to the next level. US Federal Contractor Registration will take a business from registration and solicitation, to acquisition.

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