Guaranteeing Compliance for Federal Subcontractor Reporting

2020 / by USFCR Academy

10.15 Vender Mgmt

Guaranteeing Compliance for Federal Subcontractor Reporting

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Large companies (OTSBs) that receive federal award money are at risk if they don’t report accurately on their small-business subcontractors. If large companies could align their subcontractor network with the System for Award Management (SAM), they would all but guarantee compliance.

The SAM Problem

The only problem with requiring all subcontractors (or branches and subsidiaries) to be registered in SAM is that this registration can be mishandled. The registration is wrought with potential missteps, especially in the Representations and Certifications portion. Also, the following variables create an environment of uncertainty:

  • SAM’s annual renewal dates
  • The government’s ever-changing federal regulation
  • Business changes throughout the network
  • Security and administrator authentication concerns

The Compliance Solution

There are a few simple steps that a large vendor can take to eliminate this uncertainty and protect against federal audits. In this webinar, you will learn how large businesses benefit from the enterprise level Vendor Management and Compliance Program (VMP) from US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR). 

Webinar Topics

  1. Subcontractor report generation and assistance
  2. SAM registration and set-aside certification for an entire vendor network
    1. Registration/certification service
    2. SAM and set-aside maintenance/renewal
    3. Support
  3. A unique federally focused CRM that aligns with SAM, Contract Opportunities (legacy: FBO), and the Data Bank (legacy: FPDS)

Take Action

The solution for vendor management at the federal level must be handled by a company that understands the federal market. USFCR answers this call by combining industry leading SAM registration service with special considerations for large businesses working with subcontractors, branches and subsidiaries

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