Overcoming Federal Contracting Hurdles as a Small Business

2020 / by USFCR Academy

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Overcoming Federal Contracting Hurdles as a Small Business

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So, you’ve registered for government contracts. Now what? What’s the best first step to take? How do you make competitive offers? What do you do if you don’t have past performance?

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The Small Business Spending Goal Dilemma

The government has a dilemma. They need to spend 23% of their contracting budget with small business; however, the hurdles to success for small businesses can be steep, creating a lack of qualified vendors. 

Their solutions?

Take a number and wait for your name to be called

Publicly available assistance centers try to stem the flow of obstacles that businesses face as they move into the federal sector. These centers are littered throughout the country and dealing with them is similar to dealing with any government agency: Slow and subject to change.


The government simplifies the procurement process for contracts valued under the Simplified Acquisition Threshold. But, the key concept here is that they simplify the procurement process, not the process of small businesses actually winning contracts. Simplified Acquisition contracts are simpler to award, not easier to win.

Mentor-Protege Programs

Mentor-protégé programs actually provide an interesting solution to the government’s dilemma. These programs create an environment where large prime contractors who have experienced success can provide opportunity and expertise to small businesses entering the federal market.

The caveat to the mentor-protégé programs is that there are procedures to be followed and occasionally special certifications to be obtained. So, entering a mentor-protégé program (and staying in one) can potentially create more problems than it can solve.

But, there is a solution to all of these public assistance options which we'll cover on this webinar.

Webinar Topics

On this webinar you will learn how to get over the hurdles to government contracting as a small business by utilizing government resources if necessary or avoiding them completely with the help of an experienced peer like US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR).

  1. SAM Registration - Getting Help That Doesn’t Make you Feel like a Number
  2. Simplified Acquisition - Approaching Manageable Contracts with a Winning Plan
  3. Finding Mentors - Government Mentor-Protege Programs and Networking Events

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