USFCR Academy Live: Wage Determinations & The Non-Manufacturer’s Rule

2020 / by USFCR Academy

10.7 Wage Determinations

USFCR Academy Live: Wage Determinations & The Non-Manufacturer’s Rule

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Pricing a government contract for services and brokering requires some specific federal acquisition regulation knowledge. With services, you’ll have to consider wage determinations. With brokering, you should understand the non-manufacturer’s rule.

What are Wage Determinations?

Similar to minimum wage requirements that your state may enforce, federal contracts enforce wages for service contracts using wage determinations.

Government contracting is one of the most heavily regulated spending sectors in the world, but don’t let that deter you from entering this market. USFCR Academy will help you understand all of the regulations you need to know to make it work.

Webinar Topics

On this webinar you will learn how to price contracts for services and brokering in construction and non-construction industries. This involves an understanding of wage determinations, how to search for your wage determinations on betaSAM (legacy: WDOL) and then applying them to your pricing. Brokering is included as a topic too as there are special advanced pricing considerations which vendors should understand.

  1. Types of Wage Determinations
    1. Davis-Bacon Act
    2. McNamara-O'Hara Service Contract Act (SCA)
    3. Collective bargaining agreements (CBA)
  2. Using betaSAM to find wage determinations (legacy: WDOL)
  3. Applying this research to your pricing - Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) labor laws
  4. The non-manufacturer’s rule for brokers

This is an advanced pricing webinar. If you would like to start with a basic pricing webinar, watch part 4 of our Proposal Writing 101 series.

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