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Sep 3, 2019 3:07:00 PM / by David Rockwell

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If you can make your company known to a contracting officer before bidding, you are going to improve your chances of winning government contracts. Reaching out to them through email is an effective way to accomplish this. Get more responses to your B2G emails with the tips in this video.

Senior Acquisition Specialist John Lynch speaks with Verified Vendor Nonnah's Marketing about how he sends B2G emails that get responses.

Email Templates

Successful government contractors tell us that once you have the processes mastered, you will win more government contracts. This is because a lot of processes in this market are repeatable with scripts or templates. If you would like email templates that you can use for your B2G emails, get signed up with the Simplified Acquisition Program at USFCR.

Formatting Emails

When reaching out to contracting officers, USFCR provides some pointers to writing emails that provide you responses.

Subject Line

It is good practice to reference the solicitation number which your inquiry refers to. Put the solicitation number right in the subject line of the email and put a word or two to describe your objective.

In addition, you should add you Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code to your subject line. This will show the contracting officer that you are most likely registered in SAM.

For more email and offer formatting tips, watch this webinar.

Online Capabilities Statements

In addition to email templates, Online Capabilities Statements are also offered by USFCR in the Simplified Acquisition Program. It’s a website that contracting officers can access to understand why they would choose your business. 

Check out the Online Capabilities Statement for Nonnah's Marketing.

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