US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR) is the largest and most trusted full-service Federal consulting organization. USFCR also provides set-aside qualifications, including women-owned, veteran-owned, disadvantaged (8a), HUBZone, and other federal contracting services, technology, and training.
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Jean Hernandez - Technical Writer 

Aug 11, 2023 2:23:40 PM / by USFCR posted in Team


Jean Hernandez began his journey with USFCR in July 2022. Originally from the bustling city of Chicago, Illinois, Jean's pursuit of broader prospects led him to the sunny shores of Florida in 2009.

With a background in English, Jean's interest in grant writing was a natural fit. But life had other plans. Although he initially signed up for grant writing, Jean was drawn to USFCR’s Consulting team, where he discovered a passion for technical writing.

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Rod Johnson - Sr. Registration & Contracting Specialist

Aug 11, 2023 12:05:04 PM / by USFCR posted in Team


Rod Johnson, originally from St. Petersburg, has been a steadfast pillar of the USFCR team since 2010. Holding the esteemed position of Senior Registration & Contracting Specialist, Rod plays a crucial role in navigating the intricacies of federal contracting. With a foundation in finance and extensive experience in wholesale mutual funds, his transition to federal contracting was both organic and effective.

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ByteDance Apps and American Contractors: Balancing Freedom and Security

Aug 4, 2023 2:09:24 PM / by USFCR posted in News


In the land of the free, the recent ban on TikTok, a social media app owned by Chinese company ByteDance, has sparked a heated debate among American contractors. The ban, implemented by the U.S. government, extends to all devices used in the performance of a federal contract, including contractor employee-owned devices under a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. But the question remains: Is this a necessary measure for national security, or is it an infringement on our cherished American freedoms?

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Kiersten Marino - Administrative Specialist

Jul 31, 2023 2:42:59 PM / by USFCR posted in Team

Kiersten Marino a driven Administrative Specialist at USFCR, took a leap of faith in 2015, relocating from West Virginia to Florida, a move that significantly shaped her professional journey. She joined our USFCR team in September 2022, bringing a wealth of experience and a deeply rooted passion for the industry.

Kiersten interest in USFCR stemmed from recognizing the company's potential for growth, the positive work environment, and the boundless opportunities on offer. With a career history encompassing various facets of local, state, and federal contracting, she found her true calling in helping businesses succeed within the government sector.

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Cameron Blevins - Grant Writer

Jul 31, 2023 12:37:04 PM / by USFCR posted in Team

Cameron Blevins, a vibrant Grant Writer at USFCR, moved from Gainesville, Florida, to expand his academic pursuits at the University of South Florida. He joined us in June 2022, bringing his passion for writing and a knack for helping others realize their goals.

Cameron sought out a professional opportunity that could serve a dual purpose: refining his writing portfolio and paving his path as a future law student. At USFCR, grant writing emerged as the perfect match, allowing him to leverage his love for writing in a purposeful way.

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The Future is Now: Federal Contracting in Rising Sectors

Jul 17, 2023 11:32:25 AM / by USFCR posted in News

The U.S. federal government is the world's largest buyer of goods and services. With federal spending rising in several sectors in 2023, it's the perfect time to explore federal contracting.

In 2022, the total obligations of the federal government reached $6.8 trillion. The Department of Defense led the way with $3.1 trillion, followed by the Department of Health and Human Services at $1.3 trillion, and the Department of Veterans Affairs at $1.1 trillion. The industries that saw the most obligations were professional, scientific, and technical services ($1.2 trillion), construction ($900 billion), and manufacturing ($800 billion).

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Managing America's Legacy: GSA and Federal Real Estate

Jul 3, 2023 10:10:41 AM / by USFCR posted in News

Who upholds America's iconic federal buildings, such as the White House and FBI Headquarters? The GSA is responsible for overseeing 9,600 federal buildings, totaling over 370 million square feet, making them the trusted stewards of some of America's most iconic structures.

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The Potential of 4th Quarter Spending in Federal Contracting

Jul 3, 2023 9:15:00 AM / by USFCR posted in News

Navigating 4th Quarter Federal Spending
Understanding federal spending patterns is a cornerstone of success in federal contracting. The 4th quarter holds particular significance, presenting unique opportunities for informed contractors.

The U.S. federal fiscal year spans from October 1 to September 30. As we approach the year-end, a significant increase in federal spending emerges. This surge opens up a window of lucrative opportunities for federal contractors.

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6 Tips For Getting Started in Federal Contracting

Jun 28, 2023 1:55:41 PM / by USFCR

Editor's Note: This post was initially published in April 2021 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Federal contracting is an excellent way for businesses to open a new revenue stream. That's because, as a customer, the federal government is one who:

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Aidan Ashe - Case Manager

Jun 16, 2023 4:05:59 PM / by USFCR posted in Team

Meet Aidan Ashe, a proficient case manager at U.S. Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR). Aidan is a Florida local, a fact that he's proud of. When he's not immersed in his work, Aidan relishes the thrill of a good Dungeons and Dragons game, often surrounded by friends and family.

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