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USDA Forest Service Offering Over $250 Million to Help Combat Wildfires

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ByteDance Apps and American Contractors: Balancing Freedom and Security

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USDA Investing Over $1 Billion in Farmers & Rural Small Businesses Across the US.

USDA Accepts Applications for $500M High Blend Fuel Infrastructure Investment

NEH to Award $6 Million in Grants To Support Humanities Organizations With Climate Smart Initiatives

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Managing America's Legacy: GSA and Federal Real Estate

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The True Meaning of Memorial Day

What is Federal Contracting? The Simple Guide to Federal Contracting.

Most Common Types of Government Contracts

10 Game-Changing Tips to Land Your First Federal Contract.

EPA Announces $400 Million in Funding for a National Competition of School Districts to Invest in Clean Energy Bussing

HHS to Award $4 Million Through Street Outreach Program (SOP) to Combat Nationwide Youth Homelessness

USDA Allocates $125M for Nationwide Expansion of Meat and Poultry Processing

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DEBCC & NBCC Partnership with USFCR: Increasing Access to Capital for SEDI-Owned Businesses

DEBCC and NBCC Partnership with USFCR: Increasing Access to Capital for SEDI-Owned Businesses

MedOne Pro: Elite Nurse Staffing Solutions

Celebrating Women's History Month in Federal Contracting

Christie Jackson: VP of Regulation and Compliance

Make the Most of SBA Reforms for Your Small Business

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Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0

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October 2020 Monthly Update

PCT Wins $166k with the Defense Logistics Agency

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September 2020 Monthly Update

USFCR to Give Away $5 Million Worth in APP Subscriptions

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Foret Wins $12,000 Contract with the U.S. Coast Guard

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August 2020 Monthly Update

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Small Business Procurement Continues to Grow

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July 2020 Monthly Update

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Go Solo or Team: Part 1 - How to Become a Broker on Federal Contracts

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Client Success: SDVOSB Wins $65,880 Contract with VA

Contracting with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

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Key Personnel

Best Practices for Subcontracting on Federal Government Contracts

May 2020 Monthly Update

Navigating Government Contracts: Key Strategies for Small Businesses

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Technical Proposal Writing

Meet Us Monday: Anna Rose -Training Coordinator & Consultant

USFCR Academy: Price Proposals on Government Contracts

Discount Terms

USFCR Scholarship Recipients Focus on Mental Health

Standard Forms

Huff Bhatia - Sr. Registration & Contracting Specialist

Unique Entity Identifiers (UEI)

Simplified Acquisition Procedures

Team Spotlight: Mary Kelly - Consulting Liaison

Video: Creating a Account

Case Management

Meet This Year's Eric Knellinger Presidential Scholarship Recipient

Federal Proposal Formatting

Angie Daetz - Office Manager

Registration & Contracting Specialists

GSA Schedules

Brian Lewis: Senior GSA Specialist

Connecting U.S. Businesses with COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Unison and FedConnect Solicitations

Emerlee Trevino - Case Manager

The HUBZone Program

The Ultimate Guide to the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)

Understanding the FAR and DFARS

Selling to the DLA

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USFCR Academy Live: The History of the System for Award Management

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RockNErosion Wins First Two Federal Contracts with USDA

Metropolitan Logistics, LLC Wins First Two Federal Contracts

PCT Lands Defense Logistics Agency Contract

Near Me L.L.C. Wins First Federal Contract With Dept. of Justice

RTG Building Services Lands Contract with U.S. Army Corps

B&G Forestry, LLC Lands BPA for Hurricane Relief in the Southeast Account

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