Meet Us Monday: Riley Larsen - Client Relations Specialist

October 2020 Monthly Update

Meet Us Monday: Eileen Dillon - Registration & Contracting Specialist

Pacific Continental Textiles, Inc. Wins $166,000 With the Defense Logistics Agency

Meet Us Monday: Kim Deakley - Case Manager

Why Federal Contracting? - Protect Your Business

Meet Us Monday: Powers Kane - Registration & Contracting Specialist

Why Federal Contracting? - Diversify Your Business

Meet Us Monday: Shelby Bourgeois - Social Media Specialist

Why Federal Contracting? - Grow Your Business

September 2020 Monthly Update

USFCR to Give Away $5 Million Worth in APP Subscriptions

Meet Us Monday: Savannah Stewart - Special Services Case Manager

Meet Us Monday: Eric Schrandt - Registration & Contracting Specialist

The Hidden Costs of Government Contracting (And How to Avoid Them)

Foret Contracting Group, LLC Wins $12,000 Contract with the U.S. Coast Guard

Meet Us Monday: Robert Renzella - Registration & Contracting Specialist

Meet Us Monday: Aaron Nasworthy - Registration & Contracting Specialist

August 2020 Monthly Update

Meet Us Monday: Liliana Lander - Registration & Contracting Specialist

Meet Us Monday: Tammy Helgren - Registration & Contracting Specialist

Small Business Procurement Continues to Grow

Meet Us Monday: Rania Farah - Registration & Contracting Specialist

Podcast Ep 30: The Government Buys... a Boat

Meet Us Monday: Jonael Castro - Registration & Contracting Specialist

FEMA Contracting Part 3: Wildfires

July 2020 Monthly Update

Meet Us Monday: Jennifer Brining - Registration & Contracting Specialist

The Online Capabilities Statement

Meet Us Monday: Nicole Smith - Senior Registration & Contracting Specialist

Meet Us Monday: Michael McKellligot - Senior Registration & Contracting Specialist

Podcast Ep 29: The Government Forecasts... a Buy

Client Success: SDVOSB Wins $65,880 Contract with VA

Meet Us Monday: Amanda Burch - Billing Specialist

June 2020 Monthly Update

Podcast Ep 28: The Government Buys... a Disaster

Meet Us Monday: Hayden Johnson - Creative Copywriter

Video: How to Join USFCR Academy to Learn Federal Contracting

Meet Us Monday: Amanda Webster - Case Manager

Video: Become a FEMA Contractor

Key Personnel

Meet Us Monday: John Lynch - Senior Registration & Contracting Specialist

May 2020 Monthly Update

Teaming Agreements

Meet Us Monday: Peter LaNore - Senior Registration & Contracting Specialist

Video: Download Your Representations & Certifications (Reps & Certs)

Podcast Ep 27: The Government Buys... a Bank

Technical Proposal Writing

Meet Us Monday: David Rockwell - Registration & Contracting Specialist

FEMA Contracting Part 2: Hurricanes

Meet Us Monday: Anna Rose -Training Coordinator & Consultant

Discount Terms

Writing a Price Proposal

Meet Us Monday: Alexander Malm - Accountant

USFCR Scholarship Recipients Focus on Mental Health

Standard Forms

Meet Us Monday: Huff Bhatia - Senior Registration & Contracting Specialist

Unique Entity Identifiers (UEI)

Simplified Acquisition Procedures

Federal Contract Response to Covid-19

Podcast Ep 26: The Government Buys... Simply

Meet Us Monday: Mary Kelly - Case Manager

Video: Creating a Account

FEMA Contracting Part 1: COVID-19

Case Management

Meet This Year's Eric Knellinger Presidential Scholarship Recipient

Federal Proposal Formatting

Meet Us Monday: Angie Daetz - Office Manager

Registration & Contracting Specialists

GSA Schedules

Brian Lewis: Senior GSA Specialist

Connecting Businesses with the U.S. Government’s COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Unison and FedConnect Solicitations

Meet Us Monday: Emerlee Trevino - Case Manager

The HUBZone Program

Podcast Ep 25: The Government Buys... COVID-19 Relief

The 2020 Ultimate Guide to the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)

Understanding the FAR and DFARS

Selling to the DLA

Podcast Ep 24 - The Government Buys The Academy

Marianne Swager: Senior Consultant & Contracting Specialist

COVID-19 Update - USFCR Continues to Serve Clients

USFCR Academy Live: Uniform Contract Format

Frank Piccolo: Registration & Contracting Specialist

USFCR Academy Live: Buy American Act

Client Success: SDVOSB Wins 7 Contracts

Video: How Our Vendor Management Program Works

Podcast Ep 23: Interview with Steven Lee and Brett W. Josephson Ph.D.

Understanding Set-Asides

USFCR Academy Live: Quality Assurance

Video: About USFCR

Podcast Ep 22: Interview with Brett W. Josephson Ph.D. Part 2

USFCR Academy Live: Subcontracting

Video: How the GSA Program Works

Podcast Ep 21: Interview with Brett W. Josephson Ph.D. Part 1

Mark Georges: Senior Registration & Contracting Specialist

USFCR Academy Live: The History of the System for Award Management

Client Success: Foret Contracting Group, L.L.C. Wins USCG Contract

USFCR Academy Live: FAR 22

USFCR Academy Live: FAR 19

Video: How the Simplified Acquisition Program Works

Reading the FAR: The Quick Guide for 2020

FAR Parts 11, 13, and 15

B2G Points of Contact Guide for 2020

GSA Schedules The Contractor's Guide to the GSA in 2020

Podcast Ep 20: The Government Buys From Small Businesses

Podcast Ep 19: The Government Buys From Women-Owned Small Businesses

Video: How Our Veteran-Owned Business Registration Service Works

Video: How our HUBZone Certification Service Works

Podcast Ep 18: The Government Buys From Veterans

USFCR Academy Live: Time Management Resolutions

Video: How Our SAM Registration Service Works

Video: How our 8(a) Certification Service Works

Podcast Ep 17: The Government Buys Salsa

USFCR Academy Live: Know Your Government Points of Contact

Video: How our WOSB & EDWOSB Set-Aside Service Works

Podcast Ep 16: The Government Buys a Set

USFCR Academy Live: Contracting Gratitude

Video: Are Simplified Acquisition Contracts Searchable? | USFCR Academy Live

Video: 4 Little Known Facts about Government Contracting

Podcast Ep 15: The Government Buys Conduit

Beta SAM - Contract Opportunities (FBO) Guide for Businesses 2020

USFCR Academy Live: Small Business Week

Podcast Ep 14: The Government Buys an Underdog | HUBZone Set-aside

USFCR Academy Live: All Things Veteran

Case Study: Veteran's Choice Procurement, LLC

Podcast Ep 13: The Government Buys...Beans

Video: Join The Network on USFCR Academy Live

Bid Protests: A Quick Rundown for Q1 2020

Strange Contracts Signed by The U.S. Government Video

Podcast EP 12: The Government Buys a Narrative

Podcast Ep 11: The Government Buys on a Schedule

The Top 3 Problems Contractors Face with New Gov Systems and Policies

Does the Lowest Bidder Always Win?

Come See USFCR in Phoenix and LA

Top 10 NAICS Codes for HHS Contracts

Podcast Ep 10: The Government Update. is Moving to the Beta Site

Podcast Ep 9: The Government Buys in an Emergency

FBO & beta.SAM Merger Guide for Contractors

Podcast Ep 8: The Government Buys Medical Supplies - The MSPV Program

Podcast Ep 7: The Government Buys a...Cloud - The JEDI and DEOS Contracts

Podcast Ep 6: Fiscal Year Q4 Spending Spree

Podcast Ep 5: Key Personnel, Your Team's Experts

Communicating with Email to Contracting Officers Video

Podcast Ep 4: Accumulating and Presenting Past Performance

Podcast EP 3: Building Relationships with Contracting Officers

Podcast Ep 2: The System to Conquer All Systems, SAM


Podcast Ep 1: NAICS Codes, The First Key to Government Contracting

RockNErosion Wins First Two Federal Contracts with USDA

Metropolitan Logistics, LLC Wins First Two Federal Contracts

Pacific Continental Textiles Inc. Lands Defense Logistics Agency Contract

Near Me L.L.C. Wins First Federal Contract With Dept. of Justice

CreativIT Consulting, LLC Lands Two Federal Contracts

RTG Building Services Inc. Lands Contract with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

B&G Forestry, LLC Lands BPA for Hurricane Relief in the Southeast Account

Beyond FBO: Top 5 OTHER Places You Can Find Contracts

Using Small Business Goals for Your B2G Strategy

A&E Haberdashery, LLC Wins First Federal Contract with Dept. of Veterans Affairs

The Formula for Cost Proposals on Government Contracts

Breakdown of FAR Parts 12 and 15

Andrey Zoubenko: Registration & Contracting Specialist

Advantages of Using a Third-Party for Your Registration

This MAJOR CHANGE in Federal Contracting WILL Affect Your Business

The 2019 Contractor's Guide to Dun and Bradstreet Numbers

One trick to BOOST your chances of winning a federal contract

What All Great Leaders, Thinkers, and Influencers Have in Common

IWD 2019: Programs and Certifications For Woman-Owned Businesses

Finding Success in Government Contracting for Veteran-Owned Businesses

Economically Disadvantaged

Presidential Wisdom for Federal Contractors

The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Tips for New Vendors


3 Reasons Businesses Fail

Writing a Winning Capabilities Statement in 2020

Factors to Consider After the Shutdown

CEO of Strategic Centric Solutions, LLC to Visit Ukraine for U.S. Embassy Contract

DFARS Compliance: The 2019 Guide

DIBBS: The 2020 Guide for Contractors

Buy American Act: What It Means, Its Limits, and Staying Compliant

What to Expect During a Government Shutdown

Types of Government Contracts FY 2019

The Eric Knellinger Presidential Scholarship Video Opportunity

Camp Redwood Inc. Gets Awarded First Government Contract

Verified Vendor Networks at DoD Event Video

The 2018 Eric Knellinger Presidential Scholarship Recipients

Grants, Where to Start?

Paige Henderson: Case Manager

Nina Clement: Case Manager

Elizabeth Siniari: Special Services Case Manager

Verified Vendor Plan B Landscaping Wins a Federal Contract

Verified Vendor Band of Brothers Restoration LLC Wins Their First Government Contract

The Top 2017 Contracts With Only One Bid

A Big Advancement for Business in Federal Contract Acquisition

Roofing Contractors Needed for USDA Funded project

USFCR Client Skyhawk Drone Services Receives a Contract

Stay Favorable with Contracting Officers

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