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Podcast Ep 1: NAICS Codes, The First Key to Government Contracting

RockNErosion Wins First Two Federal Contracts with USDA

What's an Unsolicited Proposal?

Metropolitan Logistics, LLC Wins First Two Federal Contracts

U.S. Federal Contracting for Foreign Firms

Pacific Continental Textiles Inc. Lands Defense Logistics Agency Contract

Near Me L.L.C. Wins First Federal Contract With Dept. of Justice

CreativIT Consulting, LLC Lands Two Federal Contracts

5 Things You Need to Know Before Working with FEMA

The Top 5 Do Nots of B2G Etiquette

RTG Building Services Inc. Lands Contract with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

B&G Forestry, LLC Lands BPA for Hurricane Relief in the Southeast

6 Prompts for Your Differentiators

Login.gov Account

Beyond FBO: Top 5 OTHER Places You Can Find Contracts

Using Small Business Goals for Your B2G Strategy

A&E Haberdashery, LLC Wins First Federal Contract

Why Subcontracting is Your Key to Federal Success

Federal Contracting for Small Businesses

The Contractor's Guide to Marketing Materials

Grants vs. Contracts: The Definitive Guide for 2019

The Formula for Cost Proposals on Government Contracts

Breakdown of FAR Parts 12 and 15

ASSIST Quick Search

Aaron Nasworthy: Registration & Contracting Specialist

Eric Schrandt: Registration & Contracting Specialist

Andrey Zoubenko: Registration & Contracting Specialist

Jennifer Brining: Registration & Contracting Specialist

Rania Farah: Registration & Contracting Specialist

Advantages of Using a Third-Party for Your SAM.gov Registration

The SAMMI Number: Replacing DUNS

This MAJOR CHANGE in Federal Contracting WILL Affect Your Business

The 2019 Contractor's Guide to Dun and Bradstreet Numbers

One trick to BOOST your chances of winning a federal contract

What All Great Leaders, Thinkers, and Influencers Have in Common

IWD 2019: Programs and Certifications For Woman-Owned Businesses

Finding Success in Government Contracting for Veteran-Owned Businesses

How to Write Effective Capabilities Statements for Your Business Video

Economically Disadvantaged

Presidential Wisdom for Federal Contractors

The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Tips for New Vendors


3 Reasons Businesses Fail

Writing a Winning Capabilities Statement in 2020

Factors to Consider After the Shutdown

CEO of Strategic Centric Solutions, LLC to Visit Ukraine for U.S. Embassy Contract

The Impact of a Dream: Reflecting on Martin Luther King Jr.

Thank You to Christine L. of Our Lady of The Lake Hospital!

DFARS Compliance: The 2019 Guide

Is the War Dogs Movie Realistic? Federal Bid Trainer John Wayne II Reacts Video

DIBBS: The 2020 Guide for Contractors

Buy American Act: What It Means, Its Limits, and Staying Compliant

What to Expect During a Government Shutdown

Types of Government Contracts FY 2019

Always Be a Kind Mouse: USFCR Volunteers in the Holiday Season

DLA Disposition Services (formerly DRMO) Guide for Contractors

The John Wayne Show Featuring Former Contracting Officer Representative John Conway

NS Software Services Wins Research and Development Contract with U.S. Navy

The Eric Knellinger Presidential Scholarship Video Opportunity

Opportunity Zones: Broken Down in Plain English

This Investment Might Be Your Only Lifeline in the Next Recession

Government Contracting and The Fabric of America Video

AJ Consultants, LLC Provides Staffing Services To Government Contractor

North American Imaging Wins Contract With NASA

4 Essentials to Keep You From Failing at Federal Marketing

Camp Redwood Inc. Gets Awarded First Government Contract

Federal Acquisition Regulation - The Rules You Need to Know

Verified Vendor Networks at DoD Event Video

Butsky Cores, LLC Lands Subcontracting Opportunity

The 2018 Eric Knellinger Presidential Scholarship Recipients

The Past Performance Questionnaire: An Important Factor

Grant Applications Tips from a Federal Acquisition & Assistance Specialist

USFCR's Next YouTube Live Event: John Wayne Interviews Former State Department Contracting Officer Representative John Conway

Kelli Johnston Makes it to Ms.Veteran America Finals

How to Create a Login.gov Account Video

Top 5 Wholesale NAICS Codes For Gov't Contracting

Top 5 Manufacturing NAICS Codes in Government Contracting

Top 5 Utilities NAICS Codes in Government Contracting

All Work and No Pay: Government Contractors Face Brunt of Regulations

Top 5 Gov. Contracting NAICS Codes: Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction

Grants, Where to Start?

Top 5 NAICS Codes for Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting in Government Contracting

Top 5 IT NAICS Codes in Government Contracting

Hurricane Season 2018 Notice: Get Registered Now

Facility Compliance Services, LLC Awarded its First Government Contract

USFCR Gives Back at The Kind Mouse

GSA’s Plan Fails, Causing a 74% Reduction in New SAM Registrations

Top 5 Government Construction NAICS Codes

Volcanic Eruption Causes Evacuations in Hawaii

A Wave of Storm Season Sub-Contracting Builds the Foundation for a Future of Prime Contracting

Verified Vendor Outdoor Systems Management LLC Wins Two Federal Contracts

John Wayne of USFCR Speaks at Southeastern Regional Black Chamber of Commerce Conference 2018

Michael McKellligot: Senior Registration & Contracting Specialist

Paige Henderson: Case Manager

Nina Clement: Case Manager

Elizabeth Siniari: Special Services Case Manager

Savannah Stewart: Special Services Case Manager

Jonael Castro: Registration & Contracting Specialist

Verified Vendor Nonprofit Empowerment Group Wins Their First Federal Contract as Prime

Verified Vendor ACS Home Services Wins Their First Federal Contract

Veteran Raising Awareness for Homeless Female Veterans in National Competition

Anna Rose: Training Coordinator & Consultant

Verified Vendor Virtual Driver Interactive Fulfills a $196,000 Federal Acquisition to USPS

Getting Certified to Sell Machine Parts to the DLA

Understanding the Government's 2019 Budget

Expiration Protection - The Stress Free Way to Renew SAM

Verified Vendor Plan B Landscaping Wins a Federal Contract

Verified Vendor Band of Brothers Restoration LLC Wins Their First Government Contract

The Top 2017 Contracts With Only One Bid

A Big Advancement for Business in Federal Contract Acquisition

From Registration to Profit: The 5 Stages of Government Contracting

USFCR Client Leading2Succeeding, LLC Receives Two Federal Contracts

Roofing Contractors Needed for USDA Funded project

USFCR Client Skyhawk Drone Services Receives a Contract

Stay Favorable with Contracting Officers

Finding Help with the System for Award Managment (SAM)

Small Business Needed for Security Systems Upgrade at National Guard Facility

US Navy Solicits Information For Mobile Satellite Technology

Government Needs

USDA Forest Service Seeks Winter Stock Pasture Services

USFCR Client Omega Tech Communication Services Receives Three Federal Contracts

USFCR Client C-Plus Electronics, Inc. Receives Army Contract

Customer Service, Follow-Through, and Making Good on Your Word

USFCR Featured in Equipment World

USFCR Team Back at Work After Hurricane Irma

DLA Seeks Information from Contractors Available to Help in Wake of Hurricane Harvey

Tungsten e-Invoicing through the Department of Veteran Affairs

After Hurricane Harvey, Need for Contractors in Texas to Increase

USDA to Replace Floor Tiles at Parlier ARS

The Perks of Working as a Subcontractor

Eric Knellinger Presidential Scholarship Recipients Announced

USACE to Undertake Melton Hill Lock Project

John Wayne to Speak at Annual NBCC Conference

Angela Armstrong Weighs In On End of Fiscal Year Spending

Opportunities are Available as the Fiscal Year Ends

USFCR Client IMS Engineered Products, Inc. Receives GSA MAS Contract

Are You Tapping Into All Available Resources?

SAM Registration: Should You Do It On Your Own?

SAM Registration: Should You Do It On Your Own?

USFCR Client Active Water Solutions, LLC Receives Army Corps of Engineers Contract

USFCR Client Apollo Technologies Group, LLC Receives Navy Contract

USFCR Client A Great Fence Receives VA Contract

Homeland Security Seeks PSO Services

GSA Seeks Office Space in Glasgow, MT

USACE Extends Response Date for Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Project

U.S. Air Force Europe Seeks Maintenance Services

GSA to Roll Out Changes in April 2017

USDA Seeks Contractor to Provide HP Training Services

Tred Avon River Oyster Bed Planned

USFCR Still Accepting Submissions for its Eric Knellinger Presidential Scholarship

Huff Bhatia: Senior Registration & Contracting Specialist

USFCR Federal Bid Trainer John Wayne to Speak at 2017 Glove Symposium

Full vs. Self Service Registration

USDA Seeks Trail Construction Services in Virginia

How to Get Federal Contracts for FEMA Disaster Relief

Crating and Packing Services Sought for U.S. Embassy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Now Is Not The Time To Say The Sky Is Falling

USDA Seeks Contractor to Provide Tents

GSA Schedule 73 Opened to New Offers

GSA Schedule 73 Opened to New Offers

USDA Announces Apple Products Purchase Program

Steps to Succeeding as a Government Contractor

Steps to Succeeding as a Government Contractor

ARDEC Researching Availability of Lab Oven

VOSB or WOSB – Which Classification is Right for You?

Government Contracting Under President Trump

The Tax Man Cometh - Deducting Business Expenses

USAID Seeks Development and Communications Services Provider in Nigeria

SAM.gov Down for Maintenance Today

Rehabilitation Services Needed at Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site

Are You Ready for the First of the Year?

USFCR Client Dump It Services Lands First Contract

USFCR Client Cooling Tower Systems Lands First Contract

Holland LP Lands Expeditionary Contracting Command Contract

Blueraven Creative Lands $25k Contract

Contractors Must Comply with New Executive Order

Contractors Now Must Comply with New Executive Order

Increased Q1 Spending May Yield Boon for Contractors

The BGM Group Receives $380K Multi-Year Sub-Contract Award

Ready To Work on FEMA Contracts in Wake of Hurricane Matthew?

Potential GSA Schedules Program Errors Under Review

Pyramid Technologies, LLC Lands 5-Year, $1.1 Million Contract

GSA Adds Four HACS SINs to IT Schedule 70

USFCR Client Wyatt Management Lands $41k Air Force Contract

PSC Urges Next President to Focus on Government Contractors

House Panel Investigating VA Expenditures

GSA Proposes Including Direct Costs in Schedules Program

A CAGE Code Now Comes With An Expiration Date

USFCR Client Flying Out Roofing, Inc. Receives Two Contracts

OMB Launches Government-wide Data Center Optimization Initiative

HUBZone Program Changes Take Effect August 24

President Obama Signs Louisiana Disaster Declaration

GSA to Launch Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) Pilot Program

Federal Government Seeks Ways to Modernize Its Payroll System

Are You Ready For The End Of The Fiscal Year?

GSA Updates Schedule 70 Requirements

Rule Outlining Discrimination Policies for Contractors Published

USFCR Client Eamon Chase Wins Fourth Contract in Under a Year

AFPDS: An Industry-Leading Government Bid Intelligence System

The Grounds Guys of Mt. Lebanon Wins $116K Army Contract

GSAP vs. GSA - Why the GSAP Is Right For You

Rule Outlining Discrimination Policies for Contractors Published

What a Recent Supreme Court Decision Means for Set-Asides

Now Is The Time To Decide What You Want Your Business To Become

Link Between SBA and DSBS Broken

FEMA to Pare Down Staff Devices

Federally Formatted Websites Strongly Recommended for Contractors

USFCR Client Cybern Consulting Group and its End-to-End IT Services

Director of Federal Training John Wayne to Speak at NBCC Event

Contractors Needed in Wake of West Virginia Floods

DoD “4th Estate” to Use GSA’s OASIS Contract Vehicles 

USFCR Client Centerline Solutions, LLC Wins $139k Bureau of Land Management Contract

GSA, DOT Release RFP for Volpe Center Exchange

USFCR Client Pyramid Technologies, LLC Lands $125K Navy Contract

Aging Government Legacy Systems Subject of New Report

USFCR Client Eamon Chase Wins Third Contract In Less Than 12 Months

GSA Awards $23M Construction Contract to Upgrade Derby Line Port

The GSA's Green and Sustainable Procurement Tool

Top Rate Express Services, LLC Wins First Contract

GSA Reverse Auctions - Transaction Fees Down, Opportunities Up

Federal Contract Spending Shows Signs of a Possible Rebound

Thriving as an IT Schedule 70 Vendor

GSA Schedules: What's Closed and How to Get On One or More of Them

The IT Schedule 70 Springboard and Its Role in the MAS

AP-NEXT, Inc. Wins $48,550 VA Contract

GSA Simplifies Doing Business with the Government

GSA Administrator Speaks at Women Build America Conference

SBA Announces 2nd National Road Tour to Champion STEM Innovation

Programs Available for Women Veteran Entrepreneurs

Programs Available for Women Veteran Entrepreneurs

USFCR Client Software-Tech Enterprises Selected as an SBA Small Business Person of the Year

GSA Launches Forecast of Contracting Opportunities Tool

GSA Launches Forecast of Contracting Opportunities Tool

GSA Holds Open House, Training Conference in Washington, D.C.

Turn Key Services of Louisiana Wins $18k Contract

FBO: Update Account Passwords Every 90 Days

FBO Account Passwords Must Be Updated Every 90 Days

SBA: Small Businesses Received More Contracts in FY15 Than Ever Before

Eligibility Requirements for GSA Contracts

Key Benefits

The Legion Group, LLC Has Become a Verified Vendor with US Federal Contractor Registration

KAT Industries, Inc. Receives U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Contract

Eric Knellinger: Know Where To Find Federal Information

GSA Launches Tool To Track Small-Business Spending

Understanding GSA Schedules

FAR Changes Highlighted in New GSA Video Series

FAR Changes Highlighted in New GSA Video Series

Women-Owned Businesses Up, According to 2012 Survey

2012 Census: Minority Entrepreneurship is Growing

2012 Census: Minority Entrepreneurship is Growing

US Government May Eliminate DUNS Requirement

Demand for Federal Contractors up in Advance of Jonas

Demand for Federal Contractors up in Advance of Jonas

HHS to Lead Federal Response in Flint

Winter Storm Could Bring Contracting Opportunities

The GSA Donates Computers to Atlanta Middle School

2016 GSA Per Diem Rates

2016 GSA Per Diem Rates

Why do you want to become a federal contractor?

Why are you interested in federal contracts?

Contractors Must Complete SCR Requirement for FY15

GSA Expanding AAAP Use

Approval Requirements and General Information for Freight TSPs 

Common SAM Registration Mistakes

Contractors Must Complete SCR Requirement for FY15

Common SAM Registration Mistakes

FEMA Expected to Offer Assistance To Areas Hit Hardest By Holiday Storms

The VA Intends to Award a Contract for Oncology, Physics, and Dosimetry Services

Government Contractors Among Those Affected By Federal Cyber Attack Earlier This Year

Rebrand Your Business, Step By Step

Incubators and Accelerators Subject of Upcoming SBA Study

Finding Success in Texas, One Contract At A Time

GSA.gov Refreshed with Eye Toward Mobile Users

Contracting Opportunities Available for Veterans Today

Bill to Streamline SDVOSB Verification Process Introduced

Bill to Streamline SDVOSB Verification Process Introduced

Boots to Business Reboot to Expand its Offering to More Veterans

How to Get Your First Federal Contract

Trend Green Announces $42,000 Contract with DOD

GAO: Time to Regulate Bridge Contracts

GSA Launches New Single Professional Services Schedule

GSA Launches New Single Professional Services Schedule

U.S. Census Bureau: Women-owned businesses up 27.5 percent since 2007

Ready for Hurricane Joaquin?

VA Considering New Clinic in Chattanooga

Mike Wills Excavating & Trucking, Inc. Announces $96,800 Contract with U.S. Army

Eamon Chase, Inc. Receives $86,000 Contract from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Simplified Acquisition Procedures

Ohio man found guilty of making false representations to get HUBZone certification

Dept. of Commerce Proposes New Business Size Rule for Commercial Fishing Businesses

SBA: Increase Your Odds of Winning a Contract

Dept. of Commerce Proposes New Business Size Rule for Commercial Fishing Businesses

National Black Chamber of Commerce Announces Collaboration with US Federal Contractor Registration

Confused about Set-Asides and Simplified Acquisition? We can help.

SBA: FY14 Banner Year for SDVOBs

National Black Chamber of Commerce Announces Collaboration with US Federal Contractor Registration

A Contractor's Survival Guide to a Government Shutdown

SBA: WOSBs and EDWOSBs Can Receive Sole Source Contracts

Nominations Sought for the Interagency Task Force on Veterans Small Business Development

FEMA Awarded More Than $9B in FY15

SBA: Increase Your Odds of Winning a Contract

Federal Acquisition of Foreign Supplies and Services

New Sick Leave Requirement for Federal Contractors

Federal Government Acronym List

SAM Vendor Registration Form

OSHKOSH CORPORATION - Federal Contracts Awarded

Minority Owned Business not 8a

(DLP Services LLC) Gets 8a Contact Award thanks to Johnathan Maness

Johnathan Maness- Liberty Life Supply Gets Contract Under Simplified Acquisition Program

GSA Implements Objective Scorecards Used to Grade Federal Contractor Performance

3 Interesting Facts About PTAC

Government Marketing: Creating the Perfect In-Person Pitch

Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA)

What is Procure-to-Pay (P2P)?

What is IPP (Invoice Processing Platform)?

Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) Updates Keyword Limit to 50 Characters

The FY 2019 Checklist For Picking The Right SAM Registration Firm

How to Find the Best NAICS Codes for your Business?

FEMA Disaster Assistance

How to Prepare for a Contractor Debrief

Basic Government Marketing Tips for New Federal Contractors

Simplified Acquisition Program Website is Launched

US Federal Contractor Registration: Government Agencies Spent Almost $26.4 Billion in 2014 Through 90 Million Transactions

Micro-purchases Account for 70% of all U.S. Procurement Purchases: Simplified Acquisition Program

NCAGE Code Guide: 2019 Update

New SAM Registration Questions Attempt to Remedy Small Business Contract Spending Issue

GSA Program vs. GSAP

GWACs: Top 20 Government Contracts Set for Release in 2015

3 Reasons Why FedBizOpps (FBO) is Key for Government Contractors

Competitive Negotiation aka Formal Advertising

3 Factors to Expect as the Final Fiscal Quarter Comes to an End - US Federal Contractor Registration

What is the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Certification Program?

Why Government Subcontracting is Right for You & Easy to Do

How to Create a Subcontracting Plan

What is SUB-Net?

Failed Efforts to Create Federal Transparency: Over $600 Billion Goes Undocumented While Government Celebrates Small Business Goals

Verified Vendor Mac Made Easy, Inc. Wins 2 Government Contracts Thanks to US Federal Contractor Registration

Integrated Award Environment (IAE)

President Obama Chooses New Procurement Administrator

DISA Cloud Storage Contract Protested by Oracle Corp.

Top Acquisition Specialist to Speak at 2014 National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) Convention

Veterans Affairs Searches for New Scheduling System Due to Long Wait Times

Endrizzi Contracting and Landscaping Wins Over $160,000 in Government Contracts

Department of Defense's Contract Spending Increases $4.1 Billion for 2015

OASIS Small Business Contract Open for Bidding on FedBizOpps

GSA Prepares for GWAC Alliant II

Searching the GSA Advantage Website

SAM Registration: 9 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Registering in System for Award Management

US Federal Contractor Registration: System for Award Management (SAM) Migration Accounts Go Unseen According to Federal Service Desk

US Federal Contractor Registration: Dixie Paper Company Wins Simplified Acquisition Contract

OASIS Contract is a 10-Year Multibillion Dollar Contract

FBOpen: An Easier Way To Search For Government Contracts

The Rule of Two: Small Business Federal Set-Asides in Government Contracting

3 Easy Ways For Small Businesses To Win Government Contracts According to US Federal Contractor Registration

List of OASIS Contract Awardees Has Been Released

US Federal Contractor Registration Reports System for Award Management (SAM) Officially Now Live After Day of Unexplained 404 Error

US Federal Contractor Registration Reports System for Award Management (SAM) is Currently Down With Unexplained 404 Error

US Federal Contractor Registration: 5 Major Woman Owned Small Business Government Contracts Up for Bid on FedBizOpps in Florida in 2014

System for Award Management Reps & Certs Violation Penalty

Amazon Web Services Rents Cloud Space to DoD Through FedRAMP

Robert Renzella: Registration & Contracting Specialist

Senator McCaskill States Past Performance Information on SAM.gov Still Riddled With Errors and Typos

FedBizOpps: McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Base Creates Contract For Security Barriers System Maintenance

How to Get Your First Federal Contract

US Federal Contractor Registration Makes History with New G-SAP (GSA-Simplified Acquisition Program)

USDA Distributes over 100,000 BYOD Devices for Federal Employees

12 Reasons to Use GSA Schedules

GSA’s SAM Fixes Site Wide Domain Name and Reps & Certs Technical Issues

Polar Vortex Pushes Harsh Weather Conditions Across the Country

United States Air Force Signs Agreement to use OASIS Program

GovKinex: US Navy Deliberates Over Email Services

GSA’s Networx Contract Saves Almost $700 Million in Fiscal 2013

GSA Creates Redevelopment Contract for Southwest Washington

DoD Plans to Forge Better Federal Contracts for Government Contractors

Office of Budget and Management Estimates $2 Billion Lost from Government Shutdown

BYOD Program Helps Federal Agencies Connect With Available Government Contractors

GSA’s FedRAMP Continues Its Search for Qualified Government Contractors

US Federal Contractor Registration Registers Over 60,000 Businesses for Government Contracts

Contracting Opportunities Increase, Contractors Move Forward After Government Shutdown

Fiscal 2014 Projects Largest Government Contracts Ever Created, Combine Worth of $160 Billion

OASIS Program Extends RFP Deadline to Late October

Government Shutdown is Officially Over; Furloughed Federal Employees and Contractors Go Back to Work

Government Contracts Continue To Be Posted to FedBizOpps Despite Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown Good Time to Tweak Registration

Total Information Processing Support Services (TIPSS-3)

Utility Energy Service Contracts (UESCs)

Defensive Information Technology Contracting Organization (DITCO)

Army's Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS)

Effects of Government Shutdown on Contractors Still Uncertain

Government Shutdown 2013: Who Will Be Affected?

What are Simplified Acquisition Threshold Contracts?

Past Performance Information Retrieval System

DISA Creates Enterprise Storage Service Contract (ESS II) for Cloud Storage Services Worth $427 Million

How Will a Government Shutdown Affect Contracts?

OASIS Program Extends RFP Deadline to Early October

Registered Government Contractors Provide Relief For Colorado Flood Devastation

Colorado Flood Claims Over 18,000 Residential Structures

GovernmentContractingTips.com: End of Fiscal Year Approaches with Billions Left to Spend

NASA Announces the Launch of SEWP V Contracting Vehicle

Louisiana PTAC Office at Risk of Closing Due to Lack of Funding

Recovering Your SAM Registration User Name and/or Password

Top 3 Ways to Market Your Business in Government Contracting

USDA Becomes Frustrated with the new SAM Registration Process; Turns to US Federal Contractor Registration for Help

Woman-Owned Small Business Contractors Continue to Thrive in Spite of Recent Sequester

DOD’s Clause Logic Service will Improve the Quality and Quantity of Government Contracts for Small Business

End of Fiscal Year Approaches; 32,700 Contracts Available on FBO.gov

DLA Plans for $13 Billion More in Budget Cuts Despite Recent Furloughs

Freedom of Information Act

GovernmentContractingTips.com Interviews Lloyd Chapman, President of the American Small Business League

ACES - Access Certificates for Electronic Services

Historically Underutilized Business Zone for Information Technology GWACs

SEWP: Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement

OASIS Small Business (SB) Program

GWAC Dashboard

VETS - Veterans Technology Services


FedBizOpps Officially Has Over 31,700 Available Opportunities for Registered Government Contractors this Month

Army Single Face to Industry (ASFI) Interface

Defense Logistics Agency Web Gateway

Understanding Invitation for Bids (IFBs)

Understanding Request for Quotations (RFQs)

Understanding a Request for Proposal (RFP)

GSA's IT Solutions Navigator

Become a Certified National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Adjuster

Donating or Volunteering

Transportation Management Services Solution (TMSS)

Debris Removal Accreditation

DHS Advanced Acquisition Planning System

Micro-purchases: A Simple Acquisition Method

Receiving a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) from the IRS

OASIS Program Announces Extended Opportunities for Properly Registered Small Business Contractors

What are NAICS Codes?

OASIS Program Officially Releases the First RFPs for Registered Government Contractors

GSA Continues to Approve Third-Party Organizations (3PAO) for Cloud Security Services

How Migrate from CCR to SAM

Understanding an Individual Subcontract Report (ISR)

What is an MPIN?

Creating an Automatic Email Alert for Bids on FedBizOpps

Renewing Your System for Award Management Registration

What is a FFATA Report in the Sub-Award Reporting System

Government Agencies Turn to OASIS Program for Registered Small Business Contractors

How to Find a Specific Set-Aside on FBO.gov

OASIS Program Will Release First Government Contract RFP This Month

Govkinex: President Obama Plans to Create a “More Innovative” Government for American Businesses

Third Party Registration Firms Continue to Help Small Businesses Become Registered for Government Contracts

What is the DOD MALL?

2013 Defense Authorization Act Improves Subcontracting Laws

‘Final Rule’ Announced on Phase 1 of System for Award Management Implementation

NDAA Improves Subcontracting Opportunities for Federal Contractors in 2013

GSA’s 2013 OASIS Program Releases Draft RFPs on FBO

Government Contracting: Rough 2013 Hurricane Season is Anticipated

GSA’s OASIS Program Will Create New Uncapped Contracting Opportunities for Small Businesses

GSA Sends Out Tens of Thousands of False Email Notifications to GSA Schedule Holders

FEMA Ordered to Assist Disaster-Hit Areas from Oklahoma Tornado

DoD’s Clause Logic Service (CLS) will Improve the Quality and Quantity of Government Contracts for Small Business

Contractors and Homeowners in the State of New Jersey are in a Standstill Waiting on New Flood Elevation Regulations; FEMA vs. Homeowner vs. Insurance?

New National Defense Authorization Act of 2013 Removes Contract Thresholds for Women-Owned Small Businesses (WOSB)

Having the Same Problem? Federal Service Desk Puts Callers Consistently on Hold for Hours of Wait Time 

Federal Agencies Plan to Increase No-Bid Contracting Opportunities for Small Businesses in 2013

GSA’s OASIS Program Will Provide 10 Year Contracts to Help Increase Socioeconomic Contracting Goals

Liliana Lander: Registration & Contracting Specialist

D&C Freight Logistics LLC is Awarded a Major Five Year Government Contract Thanks to US Federal Contractor Registration

Veteran Owned Businesses Turn to US Federal Contractor Registration to Become Properly Registered in 2013

Tammy Helgren: Registration & Contracting Specialist

Government Contractors at Risk of Identity Theft Due to System for Award Management Security Breach

How to Market Your Business to the Federal Government

Law Protects Government Contractors from Damage of Sequestration

Government Contracting Tips - What are Suspension and Debarment?

Government Contracting:Changes Proposed for Suspension and Debarment Proceedings Could take Power and Flexibility from Agencies

Strategic Sourcing Leadership Council Plans to Further Help Small Business in Government Contracting

FedBid: A Procurement Marketplace

Registered Federal Contractors Are Called Into Action After Tornado Sweeps Through Southeast

Congress Approves Funding of $50.7 Billion to New Jersey and New York for Hurricane Sandy Devastation

Hyper IC Florida Lands Major Government Contracts with Help of US Federal Contractor Registration

FEMA Contracts.com Connects Businesses with Government Registration Experts

Registering Your Woman Owned/Veteran Owned Business

$92 Million Dollar FEMA Contract Hires Federal Contractors for NYC Effort

Socio-Economic Summary for Hurricane Sandy Shows over $150 Million going to Small Business Aid

Education Budgets in Cross-hairs as Fiscal Cliff, Sequestration Looms

Obama Meets with Labor Leaders over ‘Balanced Plan’ Preparation

Blackberry's Future Uncertain as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Makes the Move to Apple Devices

171, 000 Jobs Created and More on the Horizon

GSA Attempts to Fix Recent Problems with SAM by Appointing Duo

Understanding No Bid Contracting

US Federal Contractor Registration: Hurricane Sandy dubbed ‘Frankenstorm’ U.S. Mainland Next Target

FEMA Contracts: Tropical Storm Sandy turns into Hurricane

FEMA, Earthquake Awareness, and the Great ShakeOut

Grants.gov for NonProfit, Government, Educational, and Other Organizations

Are You Ready for Tropical Storm Issac? Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Businesses

Three System for Award Management Tips for Government Procurement Officers

SAM for Federal Contractors, Businesses, and Organizations

SAM Registration – How to Find Answers

SAM for Federal Employees and Purchasing Officers

System for Award Management Launches July 30th

Federal Contractors and Grant Recipients Getting Ready for SAM Migration

Justin Jones: Senior Registration & Contracting Specialist

What is SAM and How Will it Change Federal Contracting Procedures?

Government Contracting Tips - Do I Have to Register Multiple Locations in CCR?

Do You Need to Have a Website to be a Successful Government Contractor?

Central Contractor Registration (CCR)

Government Contracting Tips: How to Become a Government Contracted Mail Carrier

Government Contracting Tips: Importance of Reviewing Your CCR Registration

Department of Homeland Security Taking Steps Towards Accepting Electronic Bids

Recent Report on Small Business Federal Contracting Trends Encourages Persistence

Government Contracting Tips - How to Register on FedBid.com

Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing in the Public Sector

FedBizOpps Features: Small Business Events

How the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization can Help you win Government Contracts

10 Golden Rules For Small Business Federal Government Contractors

Government Contracting Tips from The Washington Post

Five Internet Safety Tips for Government Contractors to Avoid Online Scams

Get Involved With the "FEMA Think Tank"

Nationwide Emergency Alert System Test Today

How Agencies Evaluate Prior Experience and Past Performance

FEMA is Watching Hurricane Rina

Obama to Congress: “We Can’t Wait”

VA Interprets “Veterans First” to Mean Veterans Last

Four Agencies Subpoenaed for Small Business Act Noncompliance

US Senate Blocks Vote on Two Jobs Bill Components

Want a New iPhone 4S? So Does Uncle Sam.

FEMA on Alert as Tropical Disturbance Develops in Gulf

Steve Jobs’ Innovations Benefited Government Agencies as Well as Private Sector

Can Your Business Survive Another Recession?

Looking for FEMA Contracts? Try Showing up at a Disaster Site!

FEMA Funding Bill Passed by House Today

Why Is FedBizOpps Redirecting You to FedBid.com?

Six Government Contract Bidding Strategies for 2019

Using USAspending.gov to Assess Profitability

Accessing User Manuals to Complete ORCA Filing

American Jobs Act: Good News for Small Businesses and Contractors?

GSA Registration Overview

Why Did I Lose My Bid?

Use DSBS to Survey Local Competition

How to Search for Subcontracting Opportunities

What is Subcontracting?

CCR Registration – How to Find Answers

8(a) Certification Eligibility Requirements

Contractors Still Needed for Hurricane Irene Disaster Response

CCR Registration - Forgotten User ID or Password

CCR Registration – Information Opt-Out

CCR Registration - Where to Get Help

CCR Registration – Common Mistakes

Government Contracting Tips - Secret Weapons for Success

US Federal Contractor Registration Guides RKS’ Situational Awareness LLC Through CCR and ORCA Registration

US Federal Contractor Registration Introduces New “Verified Vendor” Seal

US Federal Contractor Registration Introduces Vendors to Government Buyers

The Importance of Branding

Nicole Smith: Senior Registration & Contracting Specialist

Brian Lewis: Senior GSA Specialist

Government Contracting Tips – Starting Small

Government Contracting Tips – WOSB Program’s 83 NAICS codes

Government Contracting Tips - Using the Right Codes

Government Contracting Tips – Importance of Accurate Registration

Marketing to Government Buyers Pt. 2 – Sell Yourself

Government Contracting Tips - 5 Tips for Success

Quick Overview of the WOSB Program

Marketing to Government Buyers Pt. 1 – Finding Buyers

Why Do You Need to Market to the Government?

Government Contracting Tips - CCR Registration Required

Peter LaNore: Senior Registration & Contracting Specialist

John Lynch: Senior Registration & Contracting Specialist

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