USDA Allocates $125M for Nationwide Expansion of Meat and Poultry Processing

May 8, 2023 3:01:24 PM / by Cameron Blevins


Today, the U.S. The Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced the availability of up to $125 million through two new grant programs that will create more options for meat and poultry farmers by investing in independent, local meat and poultry processing projects that increase competition and enhance the resiliency of the food supply chain.
U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Farmers and Ranchers across the country have witnessed a dramatic increase in demand for meat and poultry products both domestically and internationally and many have struggled to keep up. 

In an effort to fortify our nation’s domestic poultry and meat processing industry, the USDA has continued to invest considerable funds into independent farmers and ranchers who are in need of the capital required to expand production. Over the past two years, the USDA has offered hundreds of millions of dollars through similar programs to expand and reinforce the domestic production of multiple industries, including meat processing, fertilizer production, and rural renewable energy. 

In the past, such as with the FY 2022 Fertilizer Production Expansion Program, the USDA has offered some of the most highly competitive federal grant programs of 2022, with hundreds of qualified applicants submitting proposals through the USDA’s Rural Development Office. USFCR has already begun to receive interest for grant writing services in regard to the current year’s round of funding, including for the Meat and Poultry Expansion Program. 

Our Grants Team offers a range of services, including Grant Consulting, Grant Writing, and Grant Application Review & Submission, which can be tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs. We understand the challenges that come with federal grant applications and are excited to bring in new applicants who are driven to grow their businesses and our nation’s industry, one small business at a time. 

The Grant Writing Team is now accepting potential applicants for the USDA’s Meat and Poultry expansion program through June 9th, 2023.

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Cameron Blevins

Written by Cameron Blevins