Meet This Year's Eric Knellinger Presidential Scholarship Recipient

Apr 21, 2020 9:51:14 AM / by David Rockwell posted in USFCR Info

US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR) is proud to award The Eric Knellinger Presidential Scholarship to John Steinharter. John, who goes by Jack to most people who know him, sat down with USFCR for a short interview to discuss his path as a medical professional and how the scholarship money from USFCR will help him achieve his goals.

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Federal Proposal Formatting

Apr 20, 2020 3:04:43 PM / by Anna Rose posted in USFCR Academy

Once a vendor identifies a solicitation that meets the capabilities of their company, they can begin to format their prepared response in the form of a proposal. If you are having trouble getting started on your proposal, sign up for this week's webinar on 4/22 @ 2:00 PM ET.

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Meet Us Monday: Angie Daetz - Office Manager

Apr 20, 2020 9:30:00 AM / by USFCR posted in Team

Since 2011, Angie Daetz has been helping clients understand the potential benefits of US Federal Contractor Registration's (USFCR) products and services. With her fluency, she can also assist Spanish-speaking clients. 

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Registration & Contracting Specialists

Apr 17, 2020 10:45:39 AM / by Hayden Johnson posted in USFCR Info

At US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR), we believe that government contracting is a venture that you shouldn't go into alone. That's why every business that works with us gets assigned a Registration & Contracting Specialist. 

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GSA Schedules

Apr 13, 2020 3:32:05 PM / by Anna Rose posted in GSAP Registration, Past Webinars

On March 19, 2020, we held a live webinar about GSA Schedules. The webinar is now available on demand. You can also learn more about GSA Schedules in this blog post. 
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Brian Lewis: Senior GSA Specialist

Apr 13, 2020 10:34:18 AM / by USFCR posted in Team

Since 2011, Brian Lewis has been helping small businesses get onto General Services Administration (GSA) schedules and win GSA contracts. For every client, his goal is to make learning as easy and precise as possible.  📆 Schedule a call with Brian.

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Connecting Businesses with the U.S. Government’s COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Apr 8, 2020 11:14:51 AM / by USFCR posted in General Government Contracting, Videos

USFCR hopes you and your loved ones are safe during the COVID-19 crisis. We're providing this post and video to help you, your business, and your federal contracting endeavors during the crisis.

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Unison and FedConnect Solicitations

Apr 6, 2020 12:59:26 PM / by Anna Rose

On this week's Bid Training we're going to cover two other websites where government solicitations are posted: Unison and FedConnect. Learn more about these two platforms with this blog post. Bid Training is available to businesses enrolled in the USFCR Academy

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Meet Us Monday: Emerlee Trevino - Case Manager

Apr 6, 2020 8:50:00 AM / by USFCR posted in Team



Since 2019, Emerlee Trevino has been helping businesses get in compliance for federal contracting by processing their System for Award Management (SAM ) registrations. As a US Federal Contractor Registration Case Manager Emerlee assists clients with her problem solving and customer service skills. 

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The HUBZone Program

Mar 30, 2020 8:45:59 AM / by Ashby Green posted in Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone)

On Thursday April 2 at 11 AM ET, the USFCR Academy will be hosting a webinar on the HUBZone set-aside. Sign up on our webinars page and get a head start with this blog post. 

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The 2020 Ultimate Guide to the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)

Mar 25, 2020 12:44:16 PM / by USFCR Academy posted in USFCR Academy, General Government Contracting, Guides

The Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) form government solicitations and contracts. As a result, the sections are mostly written for the government officials who are building the contracts. However, businesses shouldn't dismiss the FAR either. Not only do they relate to compliance, but also they can give you a serious advantage in government contracting.

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Understanding the FAR and DFARS

Mar 24, 2020 3:54:51 PM / by Anna Rose posted in USFCR Academy

FAR stands for the Federal Acquisition Regulation. It is a set of rules issued to make a standard set of processes for government acquisitions.
Basically, they are the guidelines for both vendors and the government to follow in regard to federal acquisitions. The FAR covers topics such as acquisition planning, contract administration, labor laws, simplified acquisition thresholds and more. Contracting professionals and vendors are expected to be familiar with the FAR.
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Selling to the DLA

Mar 24, 2020 2:07:45 PM / by Anna Rose posted in Information for New Vendors

Bid training is available for contractors enrolled in the USFCR Academy. This week we covered selling to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). 

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Marianne Swager: Senior Consultant & Contracting Specialist

Mar 20, 2020 11:40:33 AM / by USFCR posted in Team

Since 2014, Marianne Swager has been bringing her vast knowledge of government documentation and the federal marketplace to her clients. With an extensive background in strategic business planning and marketing, her consultation has led to the success of many vendors.  📆 Schedule a call with Marianne.

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COVID-19 Update - USFCR Continues to Serve Clients

Mar 19, 2020 2:53:39 PM / by USFCR posted in USFCR Info

US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR) will remain in operation throughout the COVID-19 crisis. We have taken the proper measures to ensure the safety of our team members, their families, and to provide service to our clients. Please don't hesitate to contact your account manager, case manager, or our leadership team if you have any questions. 

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USFCR Academy Live: Uniform Contract Format

Mar 17, 2020 10:54:02 AM / by Anna Rose

Join us on Wednesday March 25 at 2:00 PM for a live webinar on the uniform contract format. Sign up on our webinar page and get a head start with this blog post. 

Although solicitations will have different documents attached to them, each one will follow a uniform contract format. The uniform contract format is explained in FAR 15.204-1. It defines how contracting officers should write solicitations in a consistent format for quick and easy navigation. 

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Frank Piccolo: Registration & Contracting Specialist

Mar 11, 2020 11:17:00 AM / by USFCR posted in Team

Since 2019, Frank Piccolo has been using his knowledge and determination to advance businesses in the federal marketplace. To him, the greatest reward is knowing that he can make a difference in a client's life.  📆 Schedule a call with Frank.

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USFCR Academy Live: Buy American Act

Mar 9, 2020 3:43:09 PM / by Anna Rose posted in USFCR Academy, Information for New Vendors

On this week of USFCR Academy Live, we're covering FAR Part 52. This section includes the Buy American Act. You can sign up to attend on our webinar page and learn more about the Buy American Act in this blog post. 

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Client Success: SDVOSB Wins 7 Contracts

Mar 5, 2020 1:42:56 PM / by Hayden Johnson posted in Veteran Owned Small Business (VETBIZ), Success Stories

CW Financial & Management, LLC (CW) is a SDVOSB based out of Decatur, Illinois. After getting registered through USFCR and learning with the USFCR Academy, they won seven federal contracts in their first year in the federal marketplace.

Find out more about how, with USFCR's services, CW was able to win seven contracts

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Video: How Our Vendor Management Program Works

Mar 4, 2020 12:29:47 PM / by Hayden Johnson posted in Vendor Management Program, Videos

Are you a prime contractor looking for subs? Not sure that they are in compliance for federal contracting? Then check out the Vendor Management & Compliance Program from US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR) by watching the video below.

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