USFCR Webinars

Structuring a Powerhouse Federal Contracting Team at Your Business

USFCR Academy Live: GSA Contracts - Long Term Vision For Business

Marketing Strategies in the Federal Spending Sector

USFCR Academy Live: The Benefit of Finding Federal Contract Opps Early

Overcoming Federal Contracting Hurdles as a Small Business

USFCR Academy Live: Financing a Federal Contract

Guaranteeing Compliance for Federal Subcontractor Reporting

USFCR Academy Live: Wage Determinations & The Non-Manufacturer’s Rule

Getting Assistance with Federal Grants

USFCR Academy Live: How to Win Federal Contracts Without Competing

Preference to Veteran-Owned Small Businesses on Federal Contracts

USFCR Academy Live: Understanding Government Acronyms and Language

International Contracting with the U.S. Government

USFCR Academy Live: Your Rights to a Contractor Debrief

Prepare Your Small Business for Contracts with Department of Defense

USFCR Academy Live: LPTA - When Your Offer is Evaluated on Cost

Adjusting Your Business for Federal Contracting Success

Go Solo or Team: Part 2 - Federal Contracting Business Partnerships

USFCR Academy Live: Submitting a Proposal on a Federal Contract

Go Solo or Team: Part 1 - How to Become a Broker on Federal Contracts

USFCR Academy Live: Cap Statements Part 2 - Form, Format, Function

Contracting with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

USFCR Academy Live: Capabilities Statements Part 1 - Content

Federal Contract Proposal Writing Techniques, Strategies and Templates

USFCR Academy Live: How to Present Past Performance to the Government

Best Practices for Subcontracting on Federal Government Contracts

Government Contracting 101 - 103

USFCR Academy Live: Technical Proposals on Government Contracts

USFCR Academy Live: Price Proposals on Government Contracts

The Advanced Procurement Portal (APP) | A Business Solution to betaSAM

USFCR Academy Live: The Signature Page Vs. The Standard Form

How to Impress Federal Buyers with The Simplified Acquisition Program

USFCR Academy Live: How to Format Your Offer on Federal Contracts

8(a) Government Contracts: A Government Program to Grow Your Business

USFCR Academy Live: The Three Major Parts of a Government Solicitation

HUBZone: Leverage Your Business Location to Win Contracts

USFCR Academy Live: The Quick Method to Reading Government Contracts

GSA Schedule Contracts: Long-term Purchasing Agreements with the U.S. Government

USFCR Academy Live: The Most Important Parts of FAR 52

The Advantage of Being a Women-Owned Business in Government Contracting

USFCR Academy Live: The QA Required for Federal Contracts (FAR 46)

Winning Government Contracts as a Veteran Owned Business

USFCR Academy Live: The Rules for Subcontracting (FAR 44)

Demystifying the System for Award Management (SAM)

USFCR Academy Live: Labor Laws in Government Contracting (FAR 22)

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